the leadership 5-day challenge

be a more confident leader in 30 minutes a day

Increase your leadership confidence and empower yourself to maximise the performance of your teams. A different leadership related challenge every day keeps learning interesting, engaging and creates a noticable change in your confidence by the end of challenge. Challenges are deisgned to integrate into your normal workday and take just 30 minutes each day.

December 14th - 18th

Challenge Fee: £27

Daily Challenge

30 minutes a day to complete the leadership challenge each day.


A worksheet to help you with every challenge.

Live Classes

Join other challengers in a life class on Wednesday and Friday.

Unlock Change

See the change in your leadership confidence after only 5 days.

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One of the biggest challenges in leadership is self-belief. The belief that you have the ability to lead, the understanding even though you are nervous, you can do it.
Too often people are promoted to leadership positions and just expected to lead. “Congratulations, from Monday you’re a leader, now go lead”. Sounds funny when you put it like that, but this is the introduction many get to leadership. And this sink or swim approach is unfair.
In five days you can increase your confidence in yourself and your leadership ability.

5 Daily Leadership Challenges

Understanding and knowing which leadership style to use in a given situation is the first step to successful leadership. Today we challenge your to define your own leadership style and decide if it's the best style for you in your role as a leader.
What's Your Style?
Learn your leadership style
Power and authority sound like the same thing, they're very different. How they're used can define the difference between a powerful leader and an overbearing dictator. Which are you more inclined to use in your own leadership?
Power and Authority
Which do you use more?
Possibly one of the most valuable skills a leader can have is the ability to think clearly and critically, especially in times of high stress or crisis situations. Todays challenge is a dilemma meant to push you well outside your comfort zone and see just how emotional you are!
Selling Luxury, Luxury Service, Luxury Leadership
Critical Thinking
How emotional are you?
How exactly do you know if different members of your team are solid performers, under performers or str performers? Today we will use a system used by Fortune 100 companies to measure performance.
Performance MGMT
Six Sigma Performance
Emotional intelligence is one of the most important ideas to hit leadership in recent years. It is based on the notion that your ability to understand your own emotions, and those of the people you lead, is the key to better performance.
Emotional Intelligence
What's your EQ level?
Live classes take place twice per week, on Wednesday and Friday afternoon.

Class Topics:
Wednesday: Thinking outside the box
Friday: Handling Difficult People

Some of our reviews

The last six weeks have been one of the most inspiring, insightful and rewarding moments in my learning life. I came to look forward to every Saturday evening like a child looking forward to a candy..
I had a wonderful learning experience. New insights in a lot of areas that I have always assumed to be good at. I definitely emerge with additional knowledge and practices
One of the best trainings I have ever been involved in. My best moments are during the live classes when you get to learn from Dr Russell directly. I am a lot loaded with more idles and information
It was an awesome experience, amazing content, and our tutor has a great mastery of content, sense of humor and personality. I am glad to have my studies at Luxury Academy, very practical and tailored to real world.
It was a great experience and I learnt a lot the program was well structured and the tutor was extremely wonderful in the overall the experience is remarkable and I personally look forward to advancing my studies with the Academy.
This training has had a profound effect on me and my work place .Am more confident as a manager and a leader, looking forward to learn more . Thanks DR Russell.You are an amazing teacher. Very practical and real .