Araam Masterclass – Selling to High-Net-Worth Clients

Selling to High-Net-Worth Clients

Araam Sleep Products
Masterclass in association with
Decorators & Designers Association of Canada


60 minutes


Consumer Behaviour


Dr. Paul Russell

Araam Masterclass - Selling to High-Net-Worth Clients
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Selling to High-Net-Worth Clients

People buy luxury for many reasons. Quality, craftmanship and the best materials are certainly important elements, but primarily people buy luxury because of how it makes them feel.

That feeling can be a sense of accomplishment or it could be the feeling of belonging to an exclusive group, it could be social status or it could be the feeling of acceptance and self-esteem.

These emotions, these feelings that drive luxury consumers are what you, as a Luxury Expert must learn to read and interpret in order to guide and predict behaviours that create buying patterns.

What is covered in this Masterclass?

  • Categories of wealth
  • Expectations of each category
  • Understanding and using The Authority Principle.
  • The Law of Familiarity
  • Psycholinguistics – The Psychology of Language

Dr. Paul Russell

Paul is a Consumer Behaviour Psychologist specialising in influence, persuasion and behaviour prediction in high-net-worth and luxury consumers.

He advises, consults and trains luxury brands around the world and works with individual clients who are public figures, politicians and members of Royal Households on behavioural presentation when interacting with the worlds media. 

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