Start Date: 16th August 2021

Certified Etiquette Coach

4 Weeks | 100% Online | CPD Certified and Accredited

In this 4-week blended learning Certified International Etiquette Coach programme you will learn important principles and practical step-by-step techniques in proper etiquette and behaviour and understand the steps to take to get started in a career as a professional Certified International Etiquette coach.

A note on the course:
This programme is specifically designed for participants to become an etiquette coach. With that in mind it is important that participants have at least a foundational knowledge of etiquette. The live classes within the programme focus solely on the business aspect of an etiquette coaching business and as such, the course is not suitable for participants who want to learn etiquette and social behaviour. One of our finishing school programmes would be more suitable in that situation.

The First Step

Congratulations! You have just taken the first step on your journey to a career as an Etiquette Coach. Your love for good manners and social graces can soon become the basis of an exciting and lucrative new career.

You will discover how to start and succeed in the etiquette coaching industry. In this course, you will learn the importance of etiquette in people’s lives, see why there is increasing demand for professional etiquette consultants, learn about the numourous benefits of this career, and discover the steps required to start as an etiquette coach.

What you will learn


Video Lessons: Business & Corporate Etiquette

Live Class: Branding your coaching business


Video Lessons: Dining Etiquette (UK & Europe)

Live Class: Presenting to a camera


Video Lessons: International and Flag Protocol

Live Class: Creating your first coaching programme


Video Lessons: Social Etiquette and Communication

Live Class: Pricing your coaching business and business planning.

What exactly is etiquette?

If you ask ten people what etiquette means, you will likely get ten different answers ranging from knowing which fork to use, to when to send a thank-you note. Many people consider etiquette to be something you use when you’re at a fancy dinner or meeting VIPs, but etiquette is more than just knowing what cutlery to use or how to make proper introductions.

Etiquette is all about behaviour, it’s about knowing the right way to behave so you are comfortable in all situations and you make other people around you feel at ease.

In demand across many industries

Today etiquette consultants are in demand across all markets, from the large corporate companies who want their managers and directors to understand how to behave with foreign clients to school classrooms teaching children how to make small talk or display beautiful table manners.

As a certified etiquette coach you will join an exciting and growing industry. Since the year 2000, etiquette training is increasing in popularity and demand across the world. But the single biggest explosion for etiquette coaching is across Asia and Africa.

Private Clients

Work with private clients on all areas of social etiquette to help them increase confidence

Corporate Clients

Work with companies and executives on business etiquette cultural etiquete and entertaining 

Children & Teens

Work with children and teenagers to teach soft skills, manners and etiquette

Dining Etiquette

Dining etiquette is one of the most popular requirements across all areas of etiquette

Personal branding

Coach personal and business clients on how their personal brand relies on etiquette skills

Coaching Fees

The fees you charge as a coach will differ depending on your market and your country

Meet your tutor

Paul Russell is an international trainer and speaker with approaching 20 years of experience working with some of the world’s most recognisable international brands and companies.

Paul was born and spent his formative years in Mumbai India where he was privately educated by a team of three international tutors until 12 years of age. At twelve he was sent to England to complete his education and A-Levels at boarding school

Paul holds a BSc, MSc and Doctorate in Workplace Psychology.

Paul regularly features in the media and has been interviewed by Sky, BBC, ITV, Times of London, Daily Mail, Entrepreneur Magazine, Family Office Magazine and Luxurious Magazine.

Need Help?


Your most common questions.

We recommend that you set aside 4-5 hours per week

Yes. There is a final exam the week following your final live class.

This course is specifically designed for new etiquette coaches and is not suitable as a standalone etiquette training.

Live classes take place once per week and last 60-90 minutes.

No. You don’t need experience. Just a desire to succeed as an etiquette coach.

There are two partial fee scholarships available on this programme. A partial fee scholarship gives a relief of 50% on course fees. You can apply for one of these two places at https://lux.ac/CB1608E-Scholarship

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