Consultative Selling

For the Luxury Market

In business, nothing happens until somebody sells something. And in today’s environment, no one sells without some focus on relationships.  That’s what Consultative Sales Training is about. It replaces “trial closes” and “aggressive questioning” with getting to know the client and their unique needs.

In most successful consultative sales, the product is rarely mentioned until deep into the conversation. It is a 180 degree turn on traditional selling.

But the results speak for themselves: loyal, repeat business and a solid, trusting partnership between client and supplier.

What you will learn
  • Understand Consultative Selling.
  • Know the 6 steps of Consultative Selling.
  • Master a consultative selling process to accelerate the sales cycle.
  • Learn the psychological tools and techniques of successful selling.
  • Develop a consistently positive attitude to generate predictable sales results
Course: Consultative Selling – Luxury Markets
Course Duration: Two Days
Location: Onsite at client location
Strategic Pricing for the Luxury Market

What is Consultative Selling?

Consultative Selling is an approach to selling in which the customer’s needs are used as the basis for the sales dialogue. Here, the sales person learns about customer needs before talking about products or services.

Product knowledge is transformed into a tailored solution when delivered and positioned based on the client’s needs and language. With Consultative Selling, the client’s needs come first. Needs are identified through a combination of preparation and effective drilling-down into client answers.

Consultative Selling takes the hard edge from selling and replaces it with a strong, but flexible edge that custom fits the client’s needs.

Topics Covered

Preparing for Success

  • Understand the role of professional sales in today’s economy
  • Define the selling process
  • Prepare for the sales call
  • Evaluate selling skills & establish meaningful objectives for this training

Building a Rapport

  • Understand & apply a proven selling process to create partnerships
  • Learn how to make customers eager to talk with you
  • Establish immediate credibility to build alignment with customers
  • Learn effective networking techniques

Identifying Needs

  • Generate initial interest
  • Uncover and appeal to different customer interests
  • Use powerful open questions to get the information you need
  • Widen the customer expectation gap to create interest
  • Find out the primary buying motive

Providing Solutions

  • Steps to present solutions
  • Find out facts and benefits of your product
  • Define FABs, USPs, UPBs and AIDA
  • Use evidence and make an evidence book
  •  Present solutions that are persuasive and convincing

Motive & Gaining Commitment

  • Evaluate buyers to move the sale forward
  • Use the correct language to engage the customer’s emotions
  • 6 ways to ask for the sale with confidence  

Resolving Objectives

  • Find points of agreement to lower customer resistance
  • Learn special processes to resolve objections
  • Ask the right questions to uncover hidden objections

Uncovering Opportunities

  • Penetrate existing accounts
  • Prospect for results to fill your sales pipeline
  • Create a referral network of champions who bring business to you

Mastering the Selling Process

  • Tie the sales process together
  • Build on the successes you have experienced in this programme
  • Develop a motivating personal vision to ensure higher levels of sales success

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