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A Community for Luxury HR and L&D Professionals

Bringing together Human Resource and Learning and Development professionals from the luxury sector to share experiences, network and elevate our knowledge though regular and ongoing learning.


Elevate is a community run by and exclusively for Human Resource and Learning & Development professionals across the luxury sector.

The community is an opportunity for luxury HR and L&D professionals to share knowledge, opinions, best practices and network with peers locally, nationally and internationally.

Participate in “getting to know you” sessions. Each month one of our members delivers a short talk on themselves, their career journey and their current role. This helps us get to know one another better!



Every month we organise a live virtual training in a topic that is prevalent to luxury HR and L&D practitioners, topics can range from conducting appraisal interviews, personal branding and influencing skills right through to image management or managing redundancies in a professional and empathetic manner.

A Community of Luxury HR and L&D Experts and Professionals

Collaborate and engage with other HR and L&D professionals in the luxury sector.  As the saying goes “a problem shared, is a problem halved” 

Monthly Virtual Classes

Attend classes without even having to leave your desk.

Professional Webinars

Both live and on-demand webinars in a wide range of subjects on a monthly basis.

Grow Your Network

Get to know other professionals in your field and grow your network and reach.

Invaluable Tools


As HR and L&D professionals we focus on the learning and growth of others, now it's time to focus on our own professional development.


Templates, notes, training guides and helpful resources from community members across the world.

Peer Advice

Who better to help you overcome your next challenge than a peer who has already overcome it themselves.

Live Virtual Classes

Learn without even leaving your desk.

Monthly live virtual classes across a broad range of subjects relating to HR and L&D.  

Each class lasts between 45-60 minutes so it’s easy to schedule time to focus on your own professional development.

Learning from each other ...

helps make our profession great


Is there a joining fee?

No there is no joining fee.  Elevate is a free community.

Can I join if I am not part of HR or L&D

The Elevate community is specifically for HR and Learning and Development professionals.  We usually do not accept member requests outside of these professions. 

Is it only for the luxury sector?

Our focus and expertise is the luxury sector.  If you do not work within this sector, the content may not be as relevant to you.

Do the virtual classes have a fee?

No, there is no fee to join a class.  All classes are free for community members.

What subjects are covered in the classes?

We cover a wide range of topics, such as:

Appraisal Skills, Interview Techniques, Personal Branding, Leadership, Redundancy, Disciplinary and Corrective Action,  Unconscious Bias, Diversity and many more.

Can I request a specific class?

Community members can vote on topic for classes.  Community members can also deliver classes to other members in topics in which they are an expert.

Join the Community

Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or Disposable email addresses are not accepted.