Executive Presence for Women

Release your inner Wonder Woman

A Diversity in the Workplace Programme

Executive Presence for Women

Executive Presence for Women
Develop a Strong Executive Presence

Have you ever been told (or felt) you’re too stiff, timid, aggressive, nervous, bossy, emotional, have a boring voice, or lack confidence?

If you want to be considered leadership material, it’s essential to hone your verbal and nonverbal messages. Executive presence training for women helps you do just that.

This seminar explores the key components of being “powerful.” In a supportive atmosphere, you’ll get honest feedback from your instructor and peers, benefit from videotaping and improvisation practice, and get a realistic idea of your current power image.

You’ll then identify and practice improving your power presence. Filled with personalised coaching and intensive feedback, this is the ideal seminar for women who want to influence and maximise their executive presence.

Never feel nervous, shy or timid again.

What you Will Learn
  • Deliver engaging stories that increase impact on others
  • Improve body language and verbal behaviours
  • Learn how image impacts youas a leader
  • Recognise how small changes improve perceptions of power
  • Project confidence in any business situation
  • Increase confidence and stop being shy in new situations
  • Learn to improve presence and increase personal impact
  • Impress others with your presence and charisma
  • Present yourself with short formal and informal pitches t
  • Learn to use high-impact language, attitude and mentality
  • Define your brand and how you want others to see you
  • Learn the impact and power of small talk
Modules Covered
What is Executive Presence
  • Why do you need it?
  • How to brand yourself
  • How others see you and what this means for your life
Improving Inner Presence
  • What is the correct attitude?
  • How to use the power of concentration
  • How to adopt the right mindset to achieve results
Wonder Woman Approach
  • Harvard case study on nerves and shyness
  • Why are we shy?
  • What types of shyness exist?
  • How can you tackle each type?
Improving Executive Impact
  • Behaviour when interacting with others
  • Learn the ideal body language to project presence
  • Improve your listening skills
  • Learn to use impactful language
  • Learn to control voice tone and pitch
  • Learn to use your environment to your advantage
  • How to get others to listen to you
How to Present Yourself
  • What is the best way to present yourself in a short amount of time?
  • How to make and deliver a pitch
  • How to use the power of small talk to increase your presence
  • How to establish rapport
  • How to use high-impact words to get results
Using Storytelling for Impact
  • How to make engaging stories
  • How to deliver your story to get attention
  • How stories are structured
  • What you need to include
  • Using stories to create word of mouth
  • How to embed your ideal conclusions in the story and deliver your message indirectly
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16 – 25 Participants – Rs. 55,000

26 – 35 Participants – Rs. 60,000

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To keep our fees affordable to everyone, we offer you the freedom to choose your additional upgrades separate from the course fee. Choose from the following:

Printed Workbook: Rs. 500 Per Person

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