Luxury Academy Field Office

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What is a Field Office

An independently owned Luxury Academy branded office location.

Available Locations

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New or existing companies aligned with the luxury market in their location.


Luxury Academy London is recognised as a leader in luxury training worldwide.

With increased international demand for our wide range of luxury training courses, it is an opportune time to join our expanding list of partners worldwide as a Luxury Academy Field Office.

Luxury is about creating an unforgettable experience and Luxury Academy training and client relationships is no different. Our passion for delivering training that gets results ensure that clients form long term relationships with us.

As a Luxury Academy Field Office in your local market, you will benefit from our global reputation and brand awareness.

Income Potential

Luxury training is a diverse and niche market. With our proprietary knowledge and experience we have developed a range of training programmes not available anywhere else. Programmes include:

    • Luxury Ambassador Programme
    • Polished Professional Programme
    • Working with High Net Worth Clients
    • Luxury Sales Expert
    • Selling Luxury Real Estate
    • Selling Luxury Cars
    • Etiquette & Behaviour
    • Luxury Retail Sales
    • Hotel Finishing School
    • Finishing School for Young Ladies
    • Finishing School for Gentlemen
    • Finishing School for Ladies

    Fees, Investment & Income Share

    There are two avenues to being a Field Office. Which one may be available to you will depend on your location and local market.

    Annual License Fee

    Annual license fee of £10,000 (GBP). Use of the Luxury Academy name and branding.

    Income Percentage Share

    No upfront license fee for eligible Field Offices. Field Offices work on an income share basis in return for a license to use Luxury Academy branding and name.

    The current share percentage is 25% of any and all business income, online or in-person, related to training, coaching or consultancy booked through the field office.

    Luxury Ambassador, Luxury Expert, Luxury ebooks,, Luxury Sales Expert


    Luxury Academy Field Offices will be expected to comply with all Luxury Academy Brand Standards and are not permitted to deviate or move outside of the brand guidelines.

    Brand compliance includes, but is not limited to the following:

    • Brand Colours
    • Brand Fonts
    • Business Cards
    • Client Proposals
    • Sales Collatoral
    • Adverstising
    • Brand language
    • Web Design

    Field Office Profile & Support

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