Luxury Perception Activity


To explore the challenges and strategies involved in reconciling your own understanding of luxury with that of your high-net-worth clients. The aim is to foster a deeper understanding of the client’s perspective, thereby enhancing the quality of claims assessment and customer experience.


Breakout Rooms:

You will be divided into small groups of 3-4 members.

Each group will be assigned to a separate Zoom breakout room.

Discussion Prompts:

Case Study Analysis:

  • Carefully read through the provided case study.
  • Discuss and analyse the cultural nuances and expectations of the individual described in the case study.
  • Consider potential challenges that might arise when catering to their needs.
  • Develop recommendations on how to build trust, understanding, and provide an empathetic service to the individual.
  1. Engage in Discussion:

  • Spend a few minutes discussing the prompts.
  • Ensure each member of the group has an opportunity to contribute.
  • Listen actively to your peers and build upon their insights.
  1. Key Takeaways:

  • Towards the end of the discussion, collaborate with your group to identify one key insight or takeaway from your discussion.
  • This could be a common theme, a surprising revelation, or a unique perspective that emerged during the conversation.
  1. Group Sharing:

    • After the discussion, all groups will reconvene in the main Zoom room.
    • A representative from each group will share their key takeaway with everyone.
    • Listen to the insights from other groups and reflect on any commonalities or differences.
Scenario 1: Chinese Luxury Consumer at La Prairie UK Store

Background: Ms. Li, a luxury consumer from Beijing, visits the La Prairie UK store. She’s looking for skincare products that can help with brightening her complexion. During her interaction, she mentions that she has previously purchased a serum from La Prairie during her last visit to the UK and is keen on exploring more products.

Key Insights to Consider:

  • Chinese consumers value recognition and personalisation.
  • They often seek products that are unique or limited in availability.
  • They value peer opinions and social validation.

Activity: How would you approach and interact with Ms. Li, ensuring she has a positive and personalised experience at La Prairie?

Scenario 2: Middle Eastern Luxury Consumer at La Prairie UK Store

Background: Mr. Al-Sultan, a luxury consumer from Saudi Arabia, visits the La Prairie UK store. He’s interested in purchasing a gift for his wife’s upcoming birthday. During the conversation, he expresses that he values products that offer a blend of tradition and modernity.

Key Insights to Consider:

  • Middle Eastern consumers value trust and long-term relationships.
  • They appreciate products with heritage and craftsmanship but also value innovation and contemporary design.
  • Family and community opinions hold significant weight in their purchasing decisions.

Activity: How would you engage with Mr. Al-Sultan to ensure he finds the perfect gift for his wife and leaves with a positive impression of La Prairie?