Luxury Ambassador Programme


Two Days
Classroom style training, onsite at client location for upto 20 staff members.


Affluent and wealthy customers have high expectations and base their decisions on emotion and engagement


Customer facing staff at all levels, including supervisors and managers.

Relationships & Engagement

The relationship between the luxury business and the affluent customer is a step beyond the usual service encounter; every customer brings expectations to the business in terms of the service they will receive, but the luxury customers’ expectations are considerably higher.

Not only this, but each service interaction adds another layer to the quality perceptions the customer holds of your brand; whether those perceptions are positive or negative will depend upon the service received.

Associate to Ambassador

The luxury business requires not service associates, but Ambassadors, experts who represent your business with distinction. Like their diplomatic counterparts, Ambassadors of luxury understand how to connect with different customers by discovering their unique desires.

This skill requires passion, perseverance, empathy, daring, and curiosity. Through personalised, bespoke service each and every time, Ambassadors build trust, loyalty, and lasting relationships.

luxury is different

The world of luxury is a world unto itself, and training on the concepts, procedures, and techniques that govern it are scarce.

Luxury Academy’s Ambassador Programme is different; it is delivered by trainers who inherently understand the affluent consumer, their psyche, needs and desires rather than by sales people or past employees of luxury brands, additionally, it is specifically designed for professionals in the luxury sector.

The course covers everything that a Luxury Ambassador needs to represent their brand effectively.

Removing Hard Selling

In the Ambassador Programme for luxury professionals, we will guide your team to explore every component of luxury sales, immersing them in the world of wealth so they can better understand how the affluent think and act and understand the critical factors that shape their buying decisions.

The universe of luxury is no place for traditional hard-sell tactics, the Ambassador Programme offers proven, practical strategies for connecting with affluent customers.

Course Outline

  • History of Luxury
  • Luxury Through the Ages
  • Luxury from Country to Country
  • I Live and Breathe Luxury
  • Business Card Etiquette
  • Arrivals & First Impression
  • First Impressions are Everything
  • Grooming & Image
  • Hair Make-up & Tattoos
  • Jewellery & Accessories
  • Body Language
  • Understanding Non-verbal Communication
  • Body Language Signals
  • Reading Facial Expressions
  • The Communications Framework
  • Handcrafting Experiences
  • Personalising Vs Handcrafting
  • Listening Skills
  • Listening Vs Hearing
  • Going the Extra Mile
  • Treat All Customers Equally
  • The Art of Small Talk
  • The Small Talk Formula
  • Small Talk Failures
  • Observation Skills
  • Observation Vs Seeing
  • Luxury Brand Knowledge
  • Luxury Brand Pronunciation
  • High Net Worth Individuals
  • Understanding HNWI’s
  • Categories of Wealth
  • Common Characteristics of HNWI’s
  • Making & Keeping Commitments
  • The Language of Luxury
  • Tone, Pitch & Volume
  • The Art of Storytelling
  • Unexpected Delights
  • How to Delight Clients
  • Building Relationships
" This course made all the difference. It allowed me to quickly acquire the skills, knowledge and professional confidence I needed to make the transition I wanted to. "
Tommy Lake
Retail manager