Luxury Customer Experience

Teams of 6 and above
This programme is not available to join on an individual basis


One Day Programme. Suitable for up to 12 staff members


Empowering your team to enhance customer service with a luxury customer experience


Customer facing staff at all levels, including supervisors and managers.

Engaging with high net worth clients, luxury customer experience

Unforgettable experiences

Positive customer relationships are crucial to survival in today’s competitive marketplace. In fact, the quality of your customers’ experience can sometimes be the only difference between you and your competitors.

Customer experience is not just about dealing with upset customers. It’s about creating a positive luxury experience whenever you deal with a customer. But with customers now less tolerant and more demanding, it’s becoming a bigger challenge for us to exceed our customers expectations.

Relationships and engagement

The relationship between the luxury business and the affluent customer is a step beyond the usual service encounter; every customer brings expectations to the business in terms of the service they will receive, but the luxury customers’ expectations are considerably higher.

Not only this, but each service interaction adds another layer to the quality perceptions the customer holds of your brand; whether those perceptions are positive or negative will depend upon the service received.

Associate to ambassador

The luxury business requires not service associates, but Ambassadors, experts who represent your business with distinction. Like their diplomatic counterparts, Ambassadors of luxury understand how to connect with different customers by discovering their unique desires.

This skill requires passion, perseverance, empathy, daring, and curiosity. Through personalised, bespoke service each and every time, Ambassadors build trust, loyalty, and lasting relationships.

Course Outline

The Psychology of Luxury

The Luxury Customer

The Luxury Experience

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