Teams of 6 and above
This programme is not available to join on an individual basis


One Day Programme. Suitable for up to 15 staff members


Empowering your team with the knowledge of how to behave in any situation


Customer facing staff at all levels, including supervisors and managers.

Luxury Finishing School

Align your team with your brand

Companies invest huge amounts of money in their corporate image and branding to ensure the correct corporate message is being delivered to the right customer audience. It is just as important to ensure the professionals who work for your company also represent your brand in the same professional and aligned manner.

Sometimes, the professionals within your team may be qualified, experienced and competent in their roles; but try as you might to identify it, an essential ingredient seems to be missing, an elusive element that will make them shine. That element is called Professional Behaviour and Image.

Professional behaviour helps us to make conversations with our customers and colleagues and it shows confidence in anticipating, approaching and resolving needs.

In control and capable

A team member who understands professional behaviour and image has a poised demeanour in every situation. It is this attitude and way of behaving that reassures clients, customers and colleagues that they are in control and capable.

Many assume that professional behaviour is a skill that we all naturally possess. This is not always the case, particularly when professionals have focused on their technical skills or academic qualifications, whilst neglecting their personality development.

Control perception

In many cases, those lacking in professional behaviour will not represent their companies in the manner that is expected of the brand. When team members don’t understand professional behaviour and image, it can impact how your company is perceived.

Professional behaviour and image enables your team to present themselves and your company in the best possible light, instilling a level of knowledge and understanding in how to navigate their role successfully.

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