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Three Day Programme. Suitable for up to 15 staff members


Understanding the psychology of the luxury buyer and how to sell to them


Luxury Sales Executives, Managers and Directors

Selling Luxury, Luxury Sales

The psychology of luxury sales

Psychology is one of the main components selling to high net worth clients. Within luxury there is an emphasis on the experience, not just on the product.  A great experience will create loyal clients.

As luxury experts, your sales ambassadors need to incorporate specific psychological aspects to create this experience to ensure clients keep returning and signing your praise to their friends.

Selling to high net worth clients needs both traditional (influence-based) and modern (facilitation and consultative based) techniques. Different sales environments need different approaches.  Selling in a clients home requires a different approach than a shopfront and a sales presentation in a boardroom is different again.

The subtle art of networking

Regardless of product, it is important that your sales experts master the art of networking. Networking allows them to remain relevant, informed of upcoming developments in their market and maintains vital relationships.

Networking is an art and it requires a subtle approach. You do not run headlong into a networking opportunity and start selling. The same way as you would never propose marriage on the first date, networking is about building trust and likability.

Just like on a first date, before attending any networking event, you need to know how to present yourself confidently. The best networkers use carefully crafted but casually delivered personal pitches without any form of pressure. The aim is always to create a memorable and positive impression.

Luxury experts need personal brands

Today, with the breath-taking advances in technology, we are more connected than ever before. There is also a lot more competition. In such competitive markets, what sets an expert apart is their own personal brand.

Much like branding being a crucial part of a company’s marketing strategy, personal branding is just as important for high performing luxury sales experts. Many think of personal branding as something for those working in creative industries like actors or musicians.

In reality, personal branding is essential for everyone. To get better results and succeed, sales experts need to be able to popularise their ideas and become well-known within their sphere. Personal branding helps participants build their image and spread their ideas.

Course Outline

Selling as luxury expert

Networking as a luxury expert

Presenting as a luxury expert

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