Managing Conflict


This training course will provide your participants with the skills, knowledge and awareness necessary to display a positive approach to conflict handling.

What you will learn
  • Define conflict and how to identify it
  • Explain positions and interests and why conflict is so hard to resolve
  • Identify the stages of conflict and the five methods of dealing with it
  • Follow set approaches to handling conflict
Course: Managing Conflict
Course Duration:  One Day
Location: Onsite at client location
Class Size: 8-20
Recognise and Resolve Conflict

Conflict can be hugely damaging to the success of your organisation. At a high level, disputes can literally tear a company in two. But anywhere conflict arises, it creates a tense and unproductive work environment.

Teams that are able to resolve conflict, are a winning combination of people. Much of a companies success is about overcoming problems successfully, as a leader, it is important that you understand how to recognise and resolve conflict quickly and effectively.

Topics Covered

What is conflict?

Helping participants to understand and appreciate how conflict occurs, whilst reviewing their own experiences.

How to spot conflict 

Looking at the tell-tale signs and the more predictable behaviours inherent with conflict.

Defining Behaviour

A look at the behavioural aspect of conflict. How our desires drive our behaviour and what this means.

Positions and Interests 

A further exploration of how people focus on positions when working on interests can produce better results.

The stages of conflict

Plotting the typical path that a conflict follows and relating this to participant’s own experience.

Five methods

Exploring the methods individuals use to manage conflict, which are: Avoiding, Accommodating, Forcing, Compromising, Collaborating.

Conflict resolution model

Following a set method of resolution.

Personal conflict situation

Applying skills to a personal situation.

Negative responses

Coping with typical responses.

Mediating conflict 

How to manage the process of helping others resolve conflicts without becoming embroiled.