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The Luxury Strategy in Marketing

Paul Russell, Managing Director of Luxury Academy London speaks about how the correct marketing strategy is vitally important to success in the luxury market.

Paul talks about The Luxury Strategy and how it differs from other strategies commonly used by companies.

If you want to align your company and brand in the luxury sector, this is a must watch.

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Luxurious Magazine.  Interview with Paul Russell

Pascale Hayward of Luxurious Magazine speaks to Paul Russell about staff training and how leadership differs in the luxury market.

Luxurious Magazine is the UK’s leading luxury and lifestyle magazine.  The quarterly publication is aimed at wealthy individuals around the world.

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Paul Russell on Dining Etiquette

Paul Russell discusses dining etiquette and good manners in Family Office Elite Magazine this month.

From lunch at home to a formal ball or state banquet, dining etiquette can be a minefield.

Family Office Elite Magazine is the premier gateway to an exclusive and ultra-wealthy Family Office audience across all disciplines of the Global Family Office Community.

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