Distinguish yourself with an authentic personal brand

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Dr. Paul Russell is a Behavioural and Workplace Psychologist and co-founder of international training company Luxury Academy.  He coaches and trains some of the most well known companies in the world and his clients include Forbes 100 and Fortune 500 companies.

Overview by Paul Russell

In this masterclass I want to show you how your personal brand plays a crucial role to your success. One of the things that I have learned over my years within the luxury industry is that although people may have tremendous potential, but because of the way they are perceived by others, they never actually get a chance to use that potential. 

So I began to study what it is about branding an image that made it appear that success came easier to some people than it did to others and how in a lot of cases it had very little to do with expertise, qualifications or experience.

First, let’s define a personal brand. A personal brand is basically a promise. When you have a personal brand, it’s a promise that you make, and are known for keeping, to the person you’re interacting with. Human beings usually make decisions emotionally and justify logically. If you have a good personal brand, people are willing to pay you more for your product or service and argue less.


What You Will Learn

Crafting a personal brand can be exciting and a bit intimidating. To do it right, you have to spend time up front studying yourself and figuring out what really makes you tick.


Learn how to create a consistent, targeted impression that can help you achieve your personal and professional goals.


Break down self-imposed barriers to success and show the world your best authentic self.


Fashioning your image to match your personal brand helps you communicate something about yourself at first glance.

Inside the Masterclass

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Training Certification

Participants will be given the opportunity to have this one hour online training certified by Luxury Academy London.

Additional details on obtaining certification will be provided by the tutor at the end of the training session.