Personal Branding for Luxury Professionals

Key Learning

This course provides a structured approach to help you define, plan and execute a personal branding strategy.

What You Will Learn
  • Understanding how to design a personal brand
  • Defining expertise to be viewed as an expert
  • Identify a mission statement as a luxury expert
  • Identifying goals as a luxury expert
  • Formulate a personal branding strategy
  • Design a personal pitch
  • Use strategies to market and publicise their unique personal brand
Course: Personal Branding for Luxury Professionals
Duration: Full Day
Location: Onsite at client location
Class Size: Maximum 20

Personal Branding for Luxury Professionals

What is an image?

Why is it that some people seem to have a persona and a grand reputation that makes you be in awe of them before you have even met them? How does image relate to a person’s success?

In the competitive luxury market, what comes to define a person’s output is their brand. Much like branding being a crucial part of a company’s marketing strategy, personal branding is just as important to anyone operating in or employed in the luxury market.

Personal branding is essential for every luxury professional. As an employee, you still need to provide your services and consultation to your co-workers, customers and clients.

To get better results and succeed, you need to be able to popularise your ideas and become well-known. The right personal brand can help build your image, spread your ideas and more importantly, make you an expert in your field.

Personal branding for the luxury market follows the same principles of corporate branding and marketing though it is applied to an individual who works within the luxury sector.

Topics Covered

Effective Branding
  • Defining personal branding
  • Guidelines when developing a personal brand
  • 5-Step approach to personal branding
Define Expertise
  • Defining your approach personal branding
  • Determining your personal expertise
Defining a Mission Statement
  • Defining a mission statement
  • Avoiding poor mission statements
  • Creating an effective and useful mission statement
Defining Your Brand Strategy
  • Effective branding strategies
  • Learning from the world of marketing
  • Thinking like a marketer
  • Strategies to promote your personal brand as an employee
  • Understanding the attention economy and its relationship to personal branding strategies
Designing Your Personal Brand
  • Strategies to becoming more memorable
  • Considerations for brand identity and uniqueness
  • Learning from political and celebrity brands
  • Understanding advertising strategies
  • Considerations when designing a personal pitch
Delivering Self-Marketing
  • Important considerations when marketing yourself
  • Strategies to succeed in self-marketing