Personal Styling

For Retail Sales Professionals

Two-Day Programme

Increase client engagement and spend

When your clients and customers need real style advice, sometimes your sales executives don’t always know best. Although they may be fantastic at selling products, could they be missing valuable sales opportunities by not understanding exactly what suits and flatters their shopping clients?

With a keen eye, the right advice and excellent training, your sales staff can enhance their styling skills and know how to make their clients look and feel spectacular.  When clients feel spectacular it builds trust in your brand and your products, leading to long term, sustainable client relationships.

No matter what type of client you deal with, the best personal stylists and sales executives are the ones who personalise the client experience, that includes understanding skin colour, body shape and taking the clients unique personality into consideration to create a style that is polished from head to toe.

As one of the worlds most respected luxury trainers, Luxury Academy is fortunate to work with many of the most recognisable luxury brands across Europe, USA, Middle East and India. Our clients are key players and market leaders across luxury fashion, jewellery, retail, hospitality, automotive, property, banking, shipping lines, private jets and super yachts.

We are the retained protocol and etiquette trainers for three royal families and because of this international exposure, we intimately understand the mindset of the luxury consumer and how they interact and engage.

Modules Covered

Defining Fashion and Style

Participants will understand the innate difference between fashion and style. How to curate different fashion nuances and understand what is suitable for a client’s personal style based on social and workplace lifestyle. 

Also covered is how to create a signature look and define the clients own personal style.

The Role of Clothing 

We explore how clothing affects our psyche and our perceptions. Participants will learn to understand the different clothing needs of clients in terms of physical, psychological, social and aesthetic and how it affects their personal style.

Different Clothing values

8 clothing values will be explained. Cues to identify the clothing values of clients will be discussed.  

Participants will learn to identify the individual values unique to each customer and in turn suggest the most suitable to engage them.

The Role of the Stylist

Understanding the role of the sales executive as a stylist and how it benefits them and their clients.

Understanding Luxury Clients

Understanding the needs, expectations and buying patterns of luxury clients and how they differ from mainstream consumers.

Being Credible as a Stylist

Participants will learn how a great stylist takes time to understand the customer’s needs and aspirations.  Credible stylists have impeccable knowledge of their brand and can confidently suggest what will flatter each customer.

Participants will learn to evaluate body shape, personal colours and face shape.  A great stylist will ensure their client stands out from the crowd.

Understanding Body Shapes

Understanding the fundamentals and characteristics of different body shapes for both male and female clients.

Body Shape Analysis

Practical training with professional tools for vertical and horizontal figure evaluation

Understanding Colour Analysis

Participants will learn to understand colour theory and the concept of how to balance colours for maximum effect.

Participants will also learn to analyse the personal colour profile of the client and suggest products that will better enhance the clients skin tone and body type.

Flattering Different Body Shapes

Understanding how to create the illusion of ideal body shape for different body types, understanding areas to highlight or reinforce, and how to camouflage body variations.

Understanding how to make your client appear taller, shorter, slimmer through clothes and accessories and through countering and repeating techniques.

Charactering and Analysing Facial Profiles

Practical training for identifying different face shapes and facial profiles.  Understanding how collar, necklines, accessories, and eye wear impact image.

Delivering a Personal Shopping Service

Understanding how to deliver customised shopping recommendations based on the clients needs such as job roles, goals, values, body shape, personal colours and face shape, increasing client trust, engagement and spend.

Art of Clustering

Clustering is a small group of clothes that work well together thereby saving time and energy when creating different outfits.

The participants will learn the ground rules of creating a cluster. This will help them enhance client engagement whilst also up-selling accessories and core wardrobe items.


Participants will learn the importance of accessories in creating different looks and changing the mood and message of the outfits. 

They will understand how to use accessories to create focal points appropriate for different situations and how to create different looks using the same accessories.

Practical Role Play 

A practical, real life scenario role play to recap on the learning achieved over the two days, to ensure maximum participant retention.