Polished Professional Programme


Three Days.
Classroom style training, onsite at client location for upto 20 staff members.


No one wants to stand out by acting unsophisticated. An executive who is at ease, walks and acts with grace in every situation.


Senior Executives, Sales Managers, Sales Executives, Client Account Managers.

Everyone Gets Nervous

Everyone has qualms when they meet high net worth or influential clients for the first time. Even senior managers who have excelled in their field for decades confess to feeling nervous and unsure of how to behave when faced with unknown situations or dealing with strangers whom they know nothing about, other than a brief biography of their corporate achievements.

Everyone who goes to work wants to feel at ease and socially comfortable in their surroundings. An executive who is confident and at ease makes those around him feel comfortable too.

Easygoing And Interesting

The fact that others perceive successful executives as easy to get along with and interesting to be around, has very little to do with expensive designer suits or the position they hold.

Rather, the polished executive is defined by something as simple as good manners, ease of communication and confident demeanour.

Always On Stage

The successful and polished executive is conscious that they are always on stage. The polished executive knows how to act, speak and react to any number of different situations with ease and charm.

The first day of training covers the essential elements of what it means to be at ease and confident and how the most at ease executives should present themselves and act when with clients and senior colleagues.

Most challenges can be traced to failed communication of one sort or another. Knowing how to deliver your message to a wide variety of people is an extremely important part of the executives’ role.

Diplomatic and Impeccably Mannered

As a polished executive, it should never be forgotten that your actions and behaviour is representative of your company.  As such, it is important that the executive knows how to be discreet, diplomatic and understands how to behave in an exemplary manner at all times.

Successful executives come into contact with all manner of people and it is the smoothness with which they handle the unknown that is a hallmark of the polished executive.

No aspect of an executive are more highly visible and capable of directing an unwelcome spotlight than table manners. Table manners tend to be an overlooked subject in many ways. In the past the newly employed junior executive was supposed to bring their knowledge of good table manners straight from school.

In today’s busy families, teaching table manners at home has almost disappeared. You can learn good table manners quite easily, they’re no longer a strict set of rigid rules that require you to know the uses for twenty different knives.

Course Outline

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

"I have to say, knowing and understanding how to act in these situations is going to be invaluable. This course was enlightening. "
Andrew Mornington
Brand Ambassador - Private Charter