Teams of 6 and above
This programme is not available to join on an individual basis


Three Day Programme. Suitable for up to 12 staff members


Learn to interact with your clients with polish, confidence and grace.


Senior Executives, Sales Managers, Sales Executives, Client Account Managers.

Polished Professional.-min

Always On Stage

The successful and polished executive is conscious that they are always on display. The polished executive understand how to act, speak and react to any number of different situations with ease and charm.

In this programme you will learn the essential elements of what it means to be at ease and confident and how executives should present themselves and act when with clients and senior colleagues.

Most challenges can be traced to failed communication of one sort or another. Knowing how to deliver your message and what that message portrays about you is an extremely important part of the executives’ role.

Nerves and being unsure

Everyone has qualms when they meet influential clients for the first time. Even senior managers, who have excelled in their field for decades, confess to feeling nervous and unsure of how to behave.

Sometimes when you are faced with unknown situations or you are dealing with strangers who you know nothing about, other than a brief biography of their corporate achievements, it can be daunting.

Everyone who goes to work wants to feel at ease and socially comfortable in their surroundings.

Confident and in control

Executives who are confident and at ease, make those around them feel comfortable and at east as well.  This confidence has little to do with designer suits or the position they hold.

Rather, the polished executive is defined by something as simple as good manners, ease of communication and confident demeanour. People like to be around people they like.

Influencial, wealthy or well connected clients are no different. They want to be around someone who is confident and in control.

Diplomatic and Impeccably Mannered

As a polished executive, it should never be forgotten that your actions and behaviour is representative of your company.  As such, it is important that the executive knows how to be discreet, diplomatic and understands how to behave in an exemplary manner at all times.

Successful executives come into contact with all manner of people and it is the smoothness with which they handle the unknown that is a hallmark of the polished executive.

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