Our 5 Most Popular Luxury Training Courses


Our clients span the globe and we are training partnerns to many of the worlds most recognisable luxury companies.


All of our training programmes are conveniently delivered on-site at clients locations worldwide.


Luxury Academy focusses exclusively on training for the luxury industry. Every programmes is tailored to the unique needs of each client.

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Our Most Popular Luxury Training

We offer a huge variety of luxury training to suit every sector within the luxury industry. On this page you will find the find our clients 5 favourite luxury training courses.

Clients who conduct these programmes come from the following sectors:

  • Aucton Houses & Art Houses
  • Automotive
  • Cruise Vessels & Racing Yachts
  • Fashion & Leather Goods
  • Fine Jewellery & Watches
  • Fine Wines & Cognacs
  • Hospitality & Hotels
  • Luxury Property
  • Luxury Trains
  • Private Airports
  • Private Banking & Family Offices
  • Private Jet Charter
  • Retail
  • Super Yacht Crew

Luxury Sales

Popular with:

  • Luxury Car Companies
  • Luxury Fashion Brands
  • Fine Jewellery
  • Luxury Watchmakers
  • Luxury Retail
  • Fine Wine & Cognac Houses
  • Luxury Property Developers

Persuasion & Influence in Luxury Sales

One or two day programme teaching the tools and techniques of gentle persuasion and influence when selling luxury products and services.

This programme is best suited to luxury sales professionals and is delivered on-site at your location of choice.

Psycholinguistics - The Power of Language

Half-day programme for luxury sales professional on the power that the correct language has when selling luxury

Customer Experience

Popular with:

  • Luxury Retail
  • Luxury Hotels
  • Luxury Car Dealerships
  • Luxury Property Management
  • Super Yacht Crew
  • Cruise Lines
  • Private Jet Cabin Crew
  • Private Banking

Luxury Ambassador Programme

Two day programme for luxury professonals. The luxury business requires not service associates, but Ambassadors, experts who represent your business with distinction.

Like their diplomatic counterparts, Ambassadors of luxury understand how to connect with different customers by discovering their unique desires.

Working with High Net Worth Individuals

One day programme for luxury professionals.

It does not matter what you sell, whether it is luxury cars, luxury properties or a luxury service, targeting high net worth individuals (HNWIs) is a completely different game than attracting prospects in general.

This group are highly skilled, digitally savvy and spend a lot of time online, they’re well-read and extremely selective on which brands they share their personal information with, when sharing on social media or online in general.

Leadership & Management

Popular with:

  • All Sectors

Certificate in Leadership & Management

Six week accredited online programme in leadership and management. Self-paced with live online classes