Teams of 6 and above
This programme is not available to join on an individual basis


Half Day Programme. Suitable for up to 15 staff members


Introduction to the concept of luxury to set a foundation for staff


Customer facing staff at all levels, including supervisors and managers.

Luxury Service

Luxury is different

The world of luxury is a world unto itself, and training on the concepts, procedures, and techniques that govern it are scarce.

The Luxury Expert Half-Day Programme is different; it is delivered by trainers who inherently understand the affluent consumer, their psyche, needs and desires rather than by sales people or past employees of luxury brands, additionally, it is specifically designed for professionals in the luxury sector.

The course covers everything to form the foundation needed to provide luxury experiences to every client.

The Luxury Expert

Providing a true luxury experience requires not only an outstanding product but also an outstanding and unforgettable service experience.

To do this, and to make it look effortless and genuine, your team need to understand the basis and foundation of what luxury is, what the expectations of a luxury consumer are, and to realise that luxury means different things to different people.

The ability to adapt to each customers expectation and provide unique experiences to each one, is the bedrock of what luxury service is.

Relationships and engagement

The relationship between the luxury business and the affluent customer is a step beyond the usual service encounter; every customer brings expectations to the business in terms of the service they will receive, but the luxury customers’ expectations are considerably higher.

Course Outline

Luxury History

The Luxury Experience

The Luxury Client

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