Psychology Training

Understanding the psychology of behaviour and influence in sales, management, leadership and customer engagement.

Psychology of Leadership

One day programme delivered on-site. For Supervisors, Managers and Senior Managers.

Body Language

One day pogramme on how body language can influence those around you.

Influence and Persuation
The Psychology of Influence, Suggesion and Persuasion

One day programme covering the art of influence and suggestion.

Psychology of Sales
Using Psychology and Subtle Influence in Sales

One-day programme on how to use psychology and suggestion when selling.

Psychology of words

Half-day programme on psycholinguistics, how words can be used to influence others

Facial Expressions and Micro Expressions

Half-day programme on understanding and interpreting micro gestures.

Non verbal Markers
Reading and Translating Non-Verbal Markers and Cues

One day programme on how to read and interpret non-verbal markers

Scent, Sound and colour
Psychology of Scent, Sound & Colour

One day programme on scent, sounds and colours influence and guide behaviour