Selling to High Net Worth Clients

 Luxury Automobile Sales

The process of selling luxury cars is unequivocally in a class of its own. The luxury auto market is a hyper-competitive multi-billion-dollar business and any edge sales ambassadors can use to improve their skills and increase their visibility can offer a huge advantage.

Course Name: Selling Luxury Automobiles
Duration: 3 Days
Locations: Available Worldwide
 Course Language: English
Sales | Performance | Engagement
A different expectation

There is a very different service expectation for buyers of luxury cars. They’re not measuring the service of what sales person delivers based on the performance of other auto sales people. Instead their expectations are based on their experiences with the absolute best providers of luxury goods and services worldwide, many of whom are already clients of Luxury Academy.

Your high net worth client is going to make their decision based on how your sales team compare to the service they have received from personal shoppers at Harrods in London or Galleries Lafayette in Paris. How do your sales team compare to the service at the Ritz Carlton or the Mandarin Oriental?

Luxury is about selling a lifestyle

Luxury automobiles is not about selling four wheels, 400 horsepower and a V8 engine. It’s about selling a lifestyle. Whether it’s a primary car, a second or third car, it’s important that sales professionals understand that there are financial considerations that are different from the financial considerations of average buyers.

The thing your team absolutely have to understand is that they are selling a lifestyle, whether it’s provenance or exclusivity, or innovation or fabulous comfort, selling is storytelling. You have to tell stories in a compelling way to secure and increase sales.  Your team must intimately understand luxury, they must speak The Language of Luxury

Content and Key Learning

Day One

High Performance Selling

The core aim of day one is to provide your team with a set of tools that can be practicably used in their role as sales people selling to luxury and high net worth clients.

The skills provided in the first day are a collection of valuable methods of achieving sales. There are many tips and techniques that will give your team an insight so they can personally develop a successful approach along with enhancing their performance.

The 80:20 Rule 

Why 20% of salespeople produce 80% of the business

The Perfect Salesperson 

What makes a perfect salesperson in the luxury market and how do the participants individually compare?

Goal Setting 

Why and how to set personal performance goals. Followed by an exercise on setting these goals

Build Trust 

Developing trust and rapport with a high net worth client and understanding why this is crucial to their success.

Ask the Right Questions 

Developing questioning skills and realising that it is often questions that will develop sales rather than a just a good pitch.

Engage the HNW Client 

Understanding the lifestyle of a HNW client, serving them better and ensuring they perceive the value of the relationship

Maximise Your Efficiency 

Learning from missed sales and developing further skills to overcome this

Know Your Products 

An in-depth look at specific products and how to educate themselves in order to maximise sales through product knowledge

Handle Objections 

Identifying typical objections and preparing responses to them in order to practice until they are welcomed with open arms. Also includes set techniques to overcome objections

Day Two

Art of Negotiation

The second day explores your teams’ ability to negotiate effectively with high net worth clients and works at creating an understanding of just how important effective negotiation is as a skill for luxury industry sales people. It is also a skill that can easily be developed by understanding the process involved.

By adopting an approach where the parties work with each other, it is possible to reach outcomes that satisfy all. This positive approach to negotiation will help build business relationships that could last for years.

What is negotiation? 

Examines the concept of negotiation and what we are trying to achieve.

Potential negotiations 

Participants identify the potential negotiation opportunities constantly surrounding them.

Alternatives to Negotiation 

We identify some alternatives and discuss when negotiation is the best approach.

Negotiating Structure 

Participants often identify confidence as being the main barrier to effective negotiation. Once they are able to work with an effective structure they find that this barrier quickly disappears.


Helps participants to understand the importance of planning before entering into negotiations. We look at what is involved in effective planning.

Laying Foundations 

This important stage of negotiation is often overlooked by inexperienced negotiators. Participants will learn to set up their discussion so that they do not move towards agreement prematurely.


Helps participants to avoid surrendering their position without getting something in return.


Ensures that the negotiation is closed effectively so that both client and sales person leave committed to the agreed outcome.

I now know 

Participants review the session and exchange key learning points with each other. This consolidates the learning and helps them to identify points to add to their action plan and learning log.

Day Three

Personality & Soft Skills Development

The final day is about putting the entire package together. It is impossible to sell luxury unless your team look and act the part. A finely polished team who understand the lifestyle of high net worth clients and are in a position to gain the clients trust will become a well-oiled, highly performing sales force.

Grooming & Image

Understand how image and grooming impact engagement and trust factors of high net worth clients. What to wear, how to wear it and how to project the aura of luxury to your clients.

Body Language

Understanding the impact that body language has on gaining or losing a potential client. Understanding client gestures, what they mean, and whether your team are displaying the correct signal to the client.

Language of Luxury

Luxury has a language all of its own, your clients speak it and understand it, it is imperative that your team speak the same language.

Client Showing & Test Drive 

One of the most important elements of the sales process is the client viewing and test drive, this is where your team will either succeed in gaining a new client or lose to another showroom. The final part of the programme works with your team in the car showroom to implement and structure a winning client sale.

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Comments from Past Attendees
So good, I really enjoyed it a lot
David Z, Sales Executive - Miami
I couldn’t believe how fast three days flew by. I could have done another three days.
Mary R, Sales Manager - London
This training was amazing. It was so relevant to me and my job and I really came away with useful information that I can use. It totally wasn’t just theory, I got real examples for my problems.
Lucy B, Senior Sales Manager - New York
I’ve never been to such a training where it was really interesting and exciting all through the day. I was not bored even once.
Rahul U., Sales Manager - Mumbai
The trainer and the training was too good. Everything was so much relevant to me and will help me in my job and to increase sales.
Gopi N, Senior Sales Manager - Delhi