Selling Luxury Property


Three Days
Classroom style training, onsite at client location for upto 20 staff members.


The luxury real estate market is a hyper-competitive multi-billion-dollar business and requires a more bespoke approach to selling.


Customer facing staff at all levels, including supervisors and managers.

A Different Expectation

There is a very different service expectation for buyers of high-end luxury homes. They’re not measuring the service of what a real estate sales person delivers based on the performance of other property sales agents. Instead their expectations are based on their experiences with the absolute best providers of luxury goods and services worldwide, many of whom are already clients of Luxury Academy.

Your high net worth client is going to make their decision based on how your sales team compare to the service they have received from personal shoppers at Harrods in London or Galleries Lafayette in Paris. How do your sales team compare to the service at the Ritz Carlton or the Mandarin Oriental?

Selling A Lifestyle

Luxury property is not about selling 5000 square feet, six bedrooms and 8 baths. It’s about selling lifestyle. Whether it’s a primary property, a second, third or fourth residence, or a portfolio play, it’s important that real estate professionals understand that there are financial considerations that are different from the financial considerations of average buyers.

The thing your team absolutely have to understand is that they are selling a lifestyle, whether it’s provenance or exclusivity, or innovation or a fabulous resort community, selling is storytelling. You have to tell stories in a compelling way to secure the sales.  Your team must intimately understand luxury, they must speak The Language of Luxury

Luxury Buyers Are Different

Your sales team need to understand who the wealthy are and why they should never refer to them as wealthy. Research shows that the majority are self-made, so there’s a lot of new money. Wealthy buyers prefer to be recognised as very successful.

Your sales team need to understand what the buyer is expecting and looking for in a luxury sales agent and what the expectations are for how they should be sold to. These insights are very important for a property sales professional to know.

Consultative Selling

Selling Luxury Property will guide your team to explore every component of luxury property sales, immersing them in the world of wealth so they can better understand how the affluent think and act, leading to an understanding of the critical factors that shape their property buying decisions.

The universe of luxury is no place for traditional hard-sell tactics, the Selling Luxury Property Programme offers proven, practical strategies for connecting with affluent buyers.

Course Outline

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Day Three

" The luxury property market in Mumbai has become more competitive and it's becoming difficult to stand out from the crowd. This course gave me some amazing sales tips. "
Rahul Gupta
Luxury Property Sales - Mumbai