Selling Luxury


Two Days
Classroom style training, onsite at client location for upto 20 staff members.


Affluent and wealthy customers have high expectations and base their decisions on emotion and engagement


Customer facing staff at all levels, including supervisors and managers.

Uniquely Luxury

What happens in a luxury setting that makes it unique? How do you build customer trust and engagement that can last for decades or even a lifetime?

What is the link between a luxury product and the client who desires it? How can you set yourself apart when compared to your competition? How do you go about up-selling or cross-selling in luxury ?

Selling Luxury covers all of these areas throughout the two interactive and informative days.

Ever Higher Expectations

Today, our customers’ references in terms of service are extremely high and go far beyond the luxury sector. In the world of luxury, customers are expecting a top level of service before, during, and after every contact or sale. 

Reaching excellence in service is essential for every Sales Ambassador so that customers are even more engaged and loyal to your brand. This relationship should be approached with care and with the understanding that it is a never-ending learning process.

Luxury Customer Experience

Magic, Passion and Emotion

Selling a luxury product or service is full of magic, passion, and emotion. The affluent customer, the product, and the Sales Ambassador all enjoy a unique relationship that has a different foundation to non-luxury sales and is just as important as the luxury product itself.

In the luxury selling process, the Sales Ambassador builds a solid client relationship and actively participates in the brand experience. The role of the Sales Ambassador is vital for the success and future of every brand. Selling is a noble profession that is both complex and diverse. It requires a multitude of skills, personal energy, and the ability to be constantly self-motivated.

Masters of Building Relationships

For each sales contact with an affluent customer, it is important to remember that the Sales Ambassador is the brand for the customer. When their demeanour invokes positive feelings in the affluent customer, the chances of completing a successful sale are increased. The better the customer feels about the entire process, the stronger the possibility of completing the sale will be.

The term “Ambassador” is important here. The Sales Ambassador truly represents the brand. When a contact is negative, the whole brand is seen as negative. Consider the Sales Associate who becomes exasperated or indifferent with a customer, who in turn then leaves angry and/or disappointed. The Sales Associate was the brand for the customer, a brand that has failed in her eyes.

Just like their diplomatic counterparts, Sales Ambassadors are diplomatic, engaging, polite and elegant. They’re also masters at building and maintaining relationships.

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Course Outline

Day One

Day Two

" Storytelling was by far my favourite part. I don't think I ever considered that telling a sales story actually had a structure to it "
Mathew St. John
Luxury Automotive Sales