Luxury Training

What exactly is it?

What exactly is luxury training anyway?

Your team do a great job but you want to empower them to move to the next level. But what is that level? If you already give great service, is it even possible to enhance that?

What exactly is luxury training anyway? Surely it’s the same as normal training?

Yes and no. Consider customer service, there is really no such thing as luxury customer service for example.

A great customer experience is a great customer experience, whether you run a luxury brand or a high street boutique.

Creating a luxury experience has more to do with understanding the desires of your clients than the technical aspects of providing good service.

Luxury is a desire and a feeling

If your team don’t relate to the lifestyle and expectations of the luxury client, then it’s a little more difficult to exceed those expectations.

Luxury is not a need or even a want, luxury is a desire and a feeling, luxury is a mindset.

Understanding the psychology behind this will help your team create unforgettable client experiences.

This is where luxury training differs from standard training and this is what sets Luxury Academy London apart.

Choose your Training Style

Four and six week blended online courses with both self-directed video lessons and weekly live classes over Zoom.

Half-day, one, two and three day programmes delivered onsite at your location by experienced luxury industry trainers.

Using accelerated learning techniques, challenges integrate into the normal workday and require only 30 minutes each day to show results.