The Witches

Welcome to your The Witches

The city was called Bung.

The city was ruled by an old king who could no longer walk.

The castle was in the centre of the city.

Groga was a wicked witch, who lived in a cave on the other side of the lake.

Princess Christina was very beautiful.

The stranger was a knight from far away.

The stranger wanted to be made king in return for killing Groga.

The king offered the stranger a great fortune instead.

A good witch named Gwendoline lived to the West of the city.

The stranger agreed to give Gwendolyn half of the gold, if she helped.

Gwendolyn mixed a potion, which she poured into a green bottle.

The stranger rode from Gwendolyn’s house to Groga’s cave.

Groga had killed many other men before.

Groga’s magic was no match for the stranger.

The stranger used a magic potion given by Gwendoline to defeat Groga.

The stranger appeared to be a strong young man.