Train the Trainer Programme


Three Days.
Classroom style training, onsite at client location for upto 20 staff members.


Being a luxury trainer is about creating an environment where participants are comfortable and safe during the learning experience.


Trainers and Learning and Development Professionals.

Being a trainer is about creating relationships and instilling trust in your learners.  Luxury trainers are well informed, professional and always in control.  The quality of your delivery as a trainer is just as important as your knowledge.

Paul Russell

Co-founder - Luxury Academy London

Luxury trainers are different

So what makes a luxury trainer? Are they better presenters? Do they use PowerPoint slides or flipcharts in some magical way? Or is it how they prepare their sessions? 

Simply, a luxury trainer is someone who intuitively practices a learner-centric approach to training and specialises in the luxury industry.

Yes, luxury trainers are great presenters, but they don’t focus their skills on presenting. They use them to lead discussions and ask questions that encourage participants to think deeply and connect with the learning subject.

Knowledge is not always enough

A motivated and competent trainer can mean the difference between success and failure for your organisation. Knowledge and expertise in a subject are not enough to ensure training is effective.

Anyone who is training in your organisation has a huge influence on the success of any employee they come in contact with. So train the trainer courses are essential to a successful staff development programme.

With our Train the Trainer Programme, your trainers are exposed to the most up-to-date training methods and techniques. Filled with practical exercises and valuable content, this course will equip your team with the skills needed to run a highly successful training courses.

Creating rapport with participants

Luxury trainers are adept at developing rapport with participants and have the ability to help participants develop rapport with one another as well, to create a collaborative session of learning.

And rather than just deliver knowledge content, they help participants to draw on existing experiences to build new knowledge that they can utilise straight away

Most trainers discuss about what they’ll cover in a session. Luxury trainers discuss the skills the participants will master during the class and link those new skills to the participants job role.

In some ways the difference a luxury trainer brings is subtle. But in many ways that difference is career changing.

Hand-on and Practical

This is a hands-on course where participants learn to practice all the skills taught. Participants are expected to bring a prepared session to the course and present it. Comprehensive instructions are provided to systematically assess their performance and provide feedback. The feedback is used to tailor the course to their specific needs.

Throughout the course, learners will participate in many exercises designed to teach them specific skills such as sequencing, delivery, body language, verbal skills and so on.

Home assignments are provided where participants are expected to prepare for next day’s training sessions.

Finally, participants present their sessions and get assessed on their performance. Again, comprehensive instructions are provided on assessment. This is recorded based on 4 sets of criteria on content, delivery and sequence which is explore during the course. Participants who pass according to a set standard will be awarded a Luxury Academy London Certification.Pa

Course Outline

Day One

  • How Learning Works
  • How to Sequence Your Content
  • How to Present Your Content
  • How to Plan Your Training
  • Training Presentations

Day Two

  • Mastering the Art Delivery
  • Controlling Your Environment
  • Effective Verbal Delivery
  • Training Exercises

Day Three

  • Training Demonstrations 
  • Provide tailored feedback to participants 
  • Self-analyse your training to constantly develop skills as a trainer
" This course is completely amazing. The trainer was incredible and I left feeling really confident in my abilities as a trainer "
Marion Fenwick
Trainer - Corporate Finance

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