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Luxury Training in the Art of Relationships

Customer service training course from Luxury Academy. Not so very long ago, luxury was about things. Luxury had its signifiers in the material world, badged and marked with unimpeachably luxurious names that had the power of instant recognition.

They haven’t gone away; the material hallmarks of luxury, the rare and unusual, remain important to consumers the world over. Something else has changed; today, the appetite for luxury is about relationships as much as it is about things.

The shift is towards experiential luxury and the creation of memories, towards anticipated needs and desires, towards lasting engagement. It’s the kind of luxury that rests on the ability of people working in the sector to engage, perceive and empathise.

These are the ambassadors of luxury, the quiet, observant, thoughtful professionals who make understanding their territory and dealing with the luxury customers who inhabit it their abiding passion. Their skills are many. Ambassadors don’t parrot a message; they communicate with care and with meaning. They don’t see a guest or customer; they see an individual with a set of preferences and desires unique to them. And ambassadors don’t sell; they build relationships.

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