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Communications Skills Training

Communication skills training from Luxury Academy to help improve assertiveness and body language.

While a business may be architecturally sound, gaps in communication can soon form an invisible fault-line in the foundations, ready to send a tremor through the company’s reputation as soon as something happens to expose it. This needn’t be a seismic event; teams that aren’t communicating well are prey to the snowball effect of a small problem gathering itself into a much larger one.

Most of us know when communication isn’t working – after all, it’s easy to read the signs. We also know what an absence of communication looks like. The problem is, we tend to be able to see these only when we’re dealing with the results. Hindsight is only useful if it’s used to bring clarity to future communications.

Delivering a luxury service means meeting the highest standards in a demanding environment and it requires luxury training. It’s only when a team is working together and communicating effectively that the highest standards can be met. Communicating with luxury customers who expect a five-star service needs five-star communications – not only between customers and staff, but between the staff themselves.

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