Turkey Gift Etiquette
  • Gifts are opened in front of the giver upon receiving the gift or later after the cake when all the guests are together.
  • Weddings are a very big occasion in Turkey. The guests gift the bride and the groom with something gold like a bangle or gold The value of the coin is in its size and will depend on how close you are to the couple. If you are a distant friend of a friend, you will give a small coin. The gold coins are usually pinned to the bride’s dress, a red silk bow should be fastened to the coin as well as a pin for attaching the coin to the dress.
  • If someone gives you a medium coin at your wedding, and later you return it with a small one at their wedding, it might be taken as an offence and will mean that the relationship has grown distant. It is believed that gold coins’ value doesn’t change in Turkey unlike the regular Turkish currency.
  • If you are invited to a Turkish home, the small gift will be appreciated but it is non-optional. If children are present, it is customary to bring them candy or a small gift.
  • Flowers are always appropriate gifts but the ominous meaning of them depends on the region of Turkey. So, it is better to consult a local florist.
  • Do not give overly personal or lavish gifts. Toiletries are not the best idea as a gift since it can have a hidden meaning.
  • If you plan to give an alcohol as a gift, make sure the recipient drinks as some religious Turks will consider it an inappropriate gift.
  • In business relationships gifts are not commonly practiced.

Turkish generosity

Turkish people  are quite generous and their culture is steeped in a tradition of gift giving. Turks give gifts for birthdays, weddings, the birth of children, circumcision feasts, visiting someone’s home and  many religious holidays.

Turkey Gift Etiquette
Copyright: Julia Wimmerlin
Turkey Gift Etiquette
Copyright: Julia Wimmerlin

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