Up-selling and Cross Selling

Front Office

The ability to up-sell is a crucial skill that every individual within the Front Office department needs to master, as this can have a significant impact on both your overall RevPar and TrevPar.

What you will learn

At the end of this course, participants will be able to apply the knowledge and skills in Suggestive Selling to achieve higher room upgrade sales.

Course: Up-selling – Food & Beverage
Course Duration: Half-Day
Location: Onsite at client location
Upselling in Food and Beverage
Enhance Guest Experience and Increase Profits

As your Front Office staff personally greet and check in each guest, they can do more than provide courteous and efficient service.

With proper training and incentives, they can learn to identify guests’ unmet needs and suggest solutions that result in increased revenue for your hotel.  In the process, employees gain job satisfaction and learn to take pride in their work.

Our Front Office up-selling course will help you to become proficient in room upgrade and cross department sales and in turn, create an exceptional Guest experience while increasing revenue.

The course also focuses on different sales techniques, the importance of product knowledge and how to prepare an effective sales pitch.

Topics Covered

Receptionist to Sales Ambassador
  • Your Sales Role
  • Why upsell?
  • Hotel product knowledge
  • Your sales role and responsibilities
Sales Skills
  • Four basic sales skills to sell more effectively
  • Upselling and Cross selling
  • Three techniques to upsell accommodations
Suggestive Selling
  • Suggestive Selling Techniques
  • Selling Process
  • Reading Your Guests
  • Approaching Your Guests
  • Handling Difficult Guests