Training for the luxury market

Helping your team interact with high net worth clients

We focus exclusively on training for the luxury sector and Luxury Academy continues to be one of a very small number of training providers to this market. Our training covers all aspects of soft skills for the luxury market, including building relationships with luxury consumers, executive presence, business etiquette training, leadership training, customer service training and communication skills training.

Luxury Academy training encompasses courses and workshops for all levels, whether it’s senior executives participating in the Polished Professional Programme, junior and middle managers attending a business etiquette training or sales executives and customer facing staff learning to engage with their customers on a Selling Luxury or Luxury Ambassador Programme. Luxury Academy are experts in the luxury market and can help your team go from great to unforgettable.

Luxury Professional TRAINING Courses

Luxury Ambassador Programme

Two-day programme for luxury professionals on dealing with high net worth clients

Polished Professional Programme

Three-day programme for professionals on how to be polished, professional and in control

Social Polish

One-day programme for professionals on creating executive presence

Engaging with HNWI

Two-day programme on how to engage effectively with HNW clients

Training for luxury companies

Personal Branding in Luxury

One-day programme on personal branding for luxury professionals

Professional Behaviour

One-day programme on understanding the impact and importance of professional behaviour

Professional Etiquette SEMINARS

Business Etiquette

Build stronger client relationships through impeccable business etiquette

Etiquette & Finishing School

One-day training for luxury professionals. Understand luxury behaviour and expectation.

Entertaining HNW Clients

Business is built on relationships and the ability to engage and entertaining clients is vital.

Luxury Sales & Selling Luxury COURSES

Selling Luxury

Selling Luxury

Two-day programme. Uncovering and exploring the mindset of the luxury sales person

Selling to HNW Clients

Three-day programme.  Understanding how to sell to high net worth clients for luxury professionals

Selling Luxury Property

Three-day programme for professionals who sell high end luxury property to HNWI.

Selling Luxury Cars

Three-day programme for sales professionals in the luxury automotive sector

Training for luxury companies

Consultative Selling

Two-day programme on using consultative and soft selling skills for sales executives and managers

Marketing Luxury 

One-day programme on marketing strategies and techniques for the luxury sector

Leadership in Luxury TRAINING COURSES

Leadership Skills

Two-day programme designed for managers and supervisors in the luxury sector

Managing Conflict

One-day programme for managers and supervisors on handling and managing conflict

Leading Luxury Teams

One-day programme designed for managers and supervisors on effective team productivity

Managing Performance

Two-day programme for managers covering how to increase staff performance

Motivating Luxury Teams

One-day programme for managers on how to motivate and engage their teams for higher performance

Coaching for Managers

One-day programme for managers and supervisors who lead and coach teams

Communicating Luxury PROGRAMMES

Body Language

One-day programme on understanding and using body language non-verbal communication


One-day programme.  Understanding and learning to use assertiveness without resorting to aggression

Telephone Etiquette

One-day programme.  Telephone etiquette skills for front of house and sales staff in the luxury sector

Luxury Customer Experience TRAINING

Customer Excellence Programme

One-day programme.  Increasing and enhancing positive customer service with luxury customers

Complaint Handling

One-day programme.  Handling complaints and dealing with challenging customer scenarios

Art of Small Talk

One-day programme on how to use small talk to connect in both business and social settings


Five Steps in Luxury Retail

One-day programme. The five step method to empowering staff to double their retail sales.

Luxury Retail Expert

Three-day luxury retail expert training for luxury professionals. Increase customer loyalty and spend.

Luxury Hotels & Hospitality COURSES

Upselling in Food and Beverage

Hotel Finishing School

Half-day programme. Creating unforgettable guest experiences and wow moments in luxury hotels

Upselling for Restaurants

Half-day programme.  Enhancing guest experiences through upselling across food and beverage outlets

Upselling for Front Office

Half-day programme.  Enhancing guest experiences through upselling across front office and reception

Luxury Finishing Schools TRAINING

Young Ladies

Five-day residential programme. Protocol, manners, behaviour and etiquette for young ladies aged 16+

Elegant Hostess

Five-day programme. Behaviour and etiquette for modern ladies.

Perfect Gentleman

Five-day programme.  Executive presence and polish for the modern gentlemen.