Finishing School for Young Ladies

Five Day Residential Course for Young Ladies. 16 Years and Above
Launch into Society

Girls in aristocratic circles have long attended a finishing school to polish their manners, their deportment and their accents.

Wealthy families in the United Kingdom have traditionally sent their young society ladies to finishing schools in Switzerland to learn the intricacies of correct upper class behaviour.

Diana, Princess of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall both attended finishing schools in Switzerland – but it is not a solely British preserve. 

Indeed, young ladies from distinguished families across the world are eager to emulate the manners of the aristocracy and Luxury Academy London are experts in etiquette and protocol. 

The five-day Finishing school is an exceptional foundation for young ladies to take their first step into society.


Day One
  • History of Manners
  • Social etiquette and protocol
  • International Social Customs
  • Greetings and Introductions,
  • Diplomacy
  • Business Customs of different cultures
Day Two
  • Social Dress Codes
  • Body Language
  • Personal Presentation & Image
  • Conversational Rules of Etiquette
Day Three
  • Floral Art and Décor
  • Table Setting and Decoration
  • Poise & Deportment
Day Four
  • Dining Etiquette and Entertaining
  • Gift Giving and Cultural Norms.
  • British Table Manners
Day Five
  • Recap on previous learning
  • Preparation for Gala Dinner
  • Gala Dinner for Young Ladies and their guests
Notes on this Course
  • Course is delivered in English
  • British Etiquette and Manners are predominately used
  • Tutors are both male and female
  • Course delivered in the UK

Inside the Finishing School

The Debutante Finishing School is a 5-day residential programme.  The Finishing School is conducted in a luxurious country house 60 miles from Cambridge.  The Finishing School location is secure and has 24 hour staff onsite.  Extra curricular activities for young ladies include country pursuits such as riding, clay pigeon shooting, stalking and archery.  Massage and beauty therapy treatments are also available after classes.

Classes take place in beautifully appointed training rooms and each young lady is provided with a single bedroom and private bathroom.

Fees & Payments

Course Fees: £5,000 Per Person

Fees Include:

  • Single accommodation with private bathroom
  • All meals & snacks
  • All classes and materials
  • Excursions & excursion transport
  • Collection & transport from London Heathrow Airport to the Finishing School venue.