Teams of 6 and above
This programme is not available to join on an individual basis


Half-Day Programme. Suitable for up to 15 staff members


Helping participants learn the art of small talk to be confident in any situation


Customer facing staff at all levels, including supervisors and managers.

Assertiveness Skills, art of small talk

The Awkward Silences

We all need to communicate with others. Yet many people consider approaching strangers a daunting task.

Most people know the incredible value of making connections and building relationships and how it can help them with their businesses, personal branding, networking and gaining recognition, but a large number of us find it difficult to approach others, perhaps feeling shy, unsure of what to say, how to initiate or maintain a conversation or how to approach a group.

Almost everyone is terrified of the awkward silence! This fear can have a negative effect on customer relationships and also on the confidence of your staff.

This one-day training in the art of small talk will teach them to be polished, poised and in control in every situation.

Course Outline

Luxury Without Words

The Look of Luxury

The Sound of Luxury

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