Media Confidence and Presence


One to one and in person

Suitable for

Senior executives, politicians,& public figures


From £12,000 + VAT

Programme Overview

The Media Confidence and Presence programme is meticulously designed to equip highly accomplished individuals with the skills necessary to project confidence, authority, warmth, and likeability in all forms of media interactions and public engagements.

The objective is to transform competent professionals into consummate communicators who are not only confident in their roles but also resonate well with their audiences.

Self Assurance

  • Enhanced Media Skills: You will learn to navigate the media landscape with confidence and authority, ensuring your message is conveyed effectively and positively.
  • Improved Presentation Skills: Tailored coaching on delivering engaging and impactful presentations will enable you to captivate and influence your audiences.
  • Increased Self-Assurance: Through intensive personal coaching, you will overcome self-doubt and fear related to public speaking, developing a robust self-image and confidence in your public persona.
  • Greater Audience Connection: Training in crafting relatable content and mastering verbal and non-verbal communication skills will ensure you connect more authentically with different audiences.

Who will benefit?

Specifically tailored for senior executives, senior civil servants, visionary entrepreneurs, politicians, and other public figures who need to enhance their effectiveness in media interactions and public presentations.

It is designed for accomplished individuals who find themselves at the pinnacle of their careers yet struggle with the nuances of public speaking, media engagements, and maintaining a relatable, authoritative presence in high-stakes environments.

This equips you with the skills to confidently convey your message delivery and connect authentically with diverse audiences, ensuring you are as impressive in public forums as you are in your professional role.

Media and Presence Training
Media and Presence Training

Content Outline

Media Dynamics

Objective: To introduce the role and impact of media in shaping public perceptions.

ContentOverview of media landscape and its influence on public and professional profiles.

Case studies of successful media interactions and the long-term benefits on personal and corporate branding.

Verbal Communication

Objective: To refine speaking skills tailored for media appearances.

ContentVoice control and modulation techniques to maintain listener interest and convey confidence.

Speed and clarity in speech, including how to effectively use pauses and emphasis to enhance message delivery.

Non-Verbal Mastery

Objective: To enhance awareness and control over non-verbal cues.

ContentUnderstanding body language, facial expressions, and eye contact.

Practical exercises on posture, gestures, and their impact on audience perception.

Building Relatability

Objective: To develop skills that enhance relatability and personal connection with diverse audiences.

ContentTechniques for effective storytelling, using humour, and showing empathy.

Exercises in adapting communication style to suit different audiences and media formats.

Stress and Self-Doubt

Objective: Equip you with strategies to overcome psychological barriers of self-doubt.

ContentTraining in mindfulness and stress reduction techniques specific to public speaking and media settings.

Sessions on transforming negative self-talk and fear into positive engagement strategies.

Simulated Training

Objective: To provide practical experience with media scenarios through simulation.

ContentRole-playing different media scenarios including live interviews, press conferences, and crisis communications.

Personalized feedback from communications experts to refine techniques and responses.


Objective: To enhance the ability to deliver clear, engaging, and impactful presentations in a manner that is accessible to your audience.

ContentTechniques for structuring compelling presentations, including openings, transitions, and conclusions.

Use of visual aids, slides, and other supportive media to strengthen the delivery and maintain audience engagement.

Practice sessions with real-time feedback to refine presentation delivery and style.

Language & Structure

Objective: To develop concise and clear communication skills that prevent rambling and over-explanation.

ContentTraining in linguistic techniques, including the use of precise vocabulary and syntax to convey clear messages.

Exercises on brevity and clarity, focusing on getting to the point without losing the audience’s interest.

Techniques for effective pacing and timing to keep presentations and interviews concise and focused.

Bridging Technique

Objective: To equip you with the skills to navigate from questions maintaining control over the narrative during media interactions.

ContentSegue Creation: How to create seamless transitions that connect responses to key messages, ensuring you remain in control.

Message Reinforcement: Strategies for emphasising core messages repeatedly and effectively, regardless of the initial question.

Deflection Skills: Methods for tactfully steering conversations away from undesirable topics.

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