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One Day Programme. Suitable for up to 15 staff members


Helping you create high performing and highly productive teams


Customer facing staff at all levels, including supervisors and managers.

Managing Performance

The importance of performance

In today’s competitive market, it is absolutely essential to systematically manage the performance of employees to make them as motivated and productive as possible.

Any organisation that risks neglecting this important systematic review, is bound to fail when competing against those who use such optimisation.

It is well known that motivated staff not only work harder and longer, but are also much more likely to innovate and bring new ideas than others.

Motivated employees

Innovative companies are much more competitive and can handle bigger challenges swiftly and come out stronger than their competitors. To create a productive atmosphere, an organisation simply needs to respond to the needs of its staff.

Understating what motivates employees and aligning it with organisation’s objectives is the essence of an effective performance management system. This system requires HR support, periodic appraisals and constructive coaching sessions.

Continuous feedback

In this course, participants learn how to perform the role of an appraiser or a coach who needs to interact with employees, co-workers, team member or others to provide feedback to them.

Continuous feedback should be provided through regular coaching and mentoring sessions while periodic feedback is provided through appraisal meetings. participants learn how to ask the right questions, help appraisees to set goals and targets, how to motivate them, how to deliver difficult messages and in short how to help them to increase their productivity.

Course Outline

Performance Management

Appraisal Meetings

Goal Setting



Communication Skills

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