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One day programme


On-site at client location


Manages and staff at all levels

"The smallest facial movement can speak volumes if you know how to interpret it"

Become a human lie detector

Unlike spoken communication or hand gestures, facial expressions form a universal combination of signals which reflect the real time fluctuations in a person’s emotional state.

The face offers us the perfect opportunity to view the emotional lives of other people as it happens in real time. Regardless of background, language or culture, each one of us shares this natural manner of non-verbal communication.

This programme helps you become more adept at noticing when an emotion is forming, when an emotion is trying to be concealed, and when a person is not even aware themselves of what they are feeling in that moment.

Course Outline

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and whilst that may not be scientifically true in the strictest sense, the eyes do allow us to interpret a lot more than we realise.

Many of the most common micro-gestures happen around the mouth with involuntary use of the mouth muscles.

The direction and tilt of the chin can speak volumes.

Understanding the almost imperceptble movements of the head can give you incredible insight into the person you are reading.

Our brain regulates our breathing depending on the situations we find ourselves in.

Guilt will create rapid short breathing, sadness long prolonged breathing and anger restricts the breathing making it difficult to speak.

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