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Managers at all levels.

"The right words, used at the correct moment, can guide and predict behaviour."

Foreign worker or Expatriate?

There is an ongoing debate within the field of psycholinguistics(the psychology of language) as to whether different use of words and langauge have an effect on thinking.

The general consensus is that yes, how you use words and the words you use impacts behaviour and thinking.

Consider the following words, all meaning the same thing, but all with different connotations.

  • Refugee
  • Asylum Seeker
  • Foreign Worker
  • Expatriate

Each of these words conjure an image and each has an impact on outward behaviour.

That is the power of psycholinguistics. Understanding what words will have the most influence will allow you to guide and predict behaviour.

Course Outline

What is psycholinguistics and how do you use it?

Influence through language is all about confidence. It’s important than confident language is not mistaken for arrogant language.

Glamour words, used correctly can instill emotion and experience into any interaction.

Negative impact words do the complete opposite to what you want them to do and we use them all the time without thinking. These are words to replace.

Some words change behaviour, some words guide behaviour and some words influence behaviour.

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