Influence & Persuasion in Luxury Sales

5 Day Challenge
Starting Monday January 17th 2022
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5 Days (Monday - Tuesday)

Time Needed

20 minutes per day

Live Class

Friday Afternoon


Dr. Paul Russell


Using the correct language patterns and spoken phrases can act as “behavioural triggers” to the people who hear them. Done properly you can influence and predict how others respond to most situations

The Psychology of Language

Despite how complex and different each language is, there are processes that, when properly and skillfully used, can have very interesting and useful results. These processes, which we will call language patterns, are what we shall explore in this course.

The ability to apply and use these patterns is both a psychological science and an art. It is a science in that much of it can be broken down into basic components and reassembled to create testable and replicable results. It is an art in that there are uncontrollable human variables that cannot always be predicted, but which can easily be managed as you become more experienced.

Some people think of psycholinguistics, persuasion using language, as almost witchcraft because the results can be quite dramatic, it’s not witchcraft or magic, it’s simply psychology.

How the challenge works

Course Outline

Challenges are designed to integrate into your workday without any interruption or time away from your normal daily activities.

Challenges are done via a mobile app and you complete the challenge using your mobile phone.

There are no websites to log into and no Learning Management Systems to navigate, making it easy and uncomplicated.

There is one live class to attend on Friday.

Each morning your 10 minute training video will unlock. Simply open the app and watch that days training, then complete the daily challenge!

The live class topic on Friday is Language Patterns.

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