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6 Week programme. Blended learning. 80+ self paced lessons and 6 live classes.


An intensive 6-week blended learning journey, encompassing over 80 self-paced lessons and 6 live interactive sessions, tailored to the unique demands of the luxury sector


Suitable for existing and experienced managers and supervisors

Luxury Leadership (2)

Leadership for luxury brands

In the world of luxury, where exclusivity meets sophistication, leadership demands a unique blend of skills. 

The Certificate in Leadership for Luxury Brands is a meticulously crafted programme, designed to address the distinct challenges and opportunities inherent to the luxury sector.

The Certificate in Leadership for Luxury Brands, is not just another managerial course; it’s a voyage into the heart of luxury leadership.

Designed exclusively for luxury brands, this programme recognises that luxury is not just about products or services but about experiences and stories.

The Luxury Leadership Voyage

Navigating the luxury landscape is akin to captaining a ship through both calm seas and tempestuous waters. 

It requires a deep understanding of the brand’s heritage, an anticipation of the evolving tastes of discerning clientele, and the agility to pivot strategies based on market demands.

Balancing Heritage and Innovation

One of the programme’s core tenets is the understanding that in luxury, every decision, no matter how minute, reflects on the brand. 

Managers are trained to strike a balance between upholding brand integrity and driving innovation, whilst also learning to engage with a clientele that expects nothing short of excellence, building and nurturing relationships that ensure brand loyalty and advocacy.

Holistic Approach to Luxury

The course modules are designed to be both enlightening and engaging, ranging from the dynamics of luxury brands to the art of delegation in luxury settings. The live interactive sessions, facilitated by industry stalwarts, offer real-world insights and foster collaborative learning.

Course Modules and Live Class

Beyond the intricacies of luxury brand management, the programme delves into the psychology of luxury consumers, the digital transformation of the luxury landscape, and the increasing importance of sustainability in luxury.

Luxury Leadership

Video Lessons

Week 01. Distinguishing Leadership from Management in Luxury Brands
Week 02. Strategies for Motivating Teams in the Luxury Sector
Week 03. Critical Thinking for Luxury Brand Decision-Making
Week 04. The Art of Delegation in Luxury Settings
Week 05. Navigating Decision-Making Challenges in Luxury Management
Week 06. Techniques for Enhancing Performance in Luxury Brands

Live Classes

Week 01. Ethical Exercise of Power & Authority in Luxury Brands
Week 02. Balancing Extrinsic vs Intrinsic Rewards in Luxury Settings
Week 03. Mid-course Evaluation for Luxury Brand Excellence
Week 04. Leveraging Critical Thinking for Luxury Brand Advancement
Week 05. Strategies to Avoid Micro-Management in Luxury Brands
Week 06. Effective Approaches for Managing Diverse Teams in Luxury Brands

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