Teams of 10 and above
This programme is not available to join on an individual basis


12 Weeks broken into two terms of six weeks each


Helping you achieve leadership and management skills at an international level


Suitable for existing and experienced managers and supervisors

Inspire and motivate

Effective leaders have acquired a set of skills and developed behaviours that set them apart from others. Successful leaders inspire and motivate people.

They have the ability to create a vision and transfer it to those around them. They encourage hope, positivity, ambition and compassion.

They are good communicators; know about planning and more importantly they can manage people. While all good managers are not leaders, all successful leaders certainly know how to manage people.

Employer Expectations

Most employers will expect you to already have at least some understanding of leadership and management upon promotion.

This is defined as the skills and attributes that complement your technical expertise and subject knowledge — things that make great managers and leaders what they are, skills such as communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

Twelve Weeks

Over twelve weeks, the Diploma Leadership and Management Programme immerses students in understanding the dynamic role of management.

The Diploma Leadership and Management will broaden your horizons by covering an intense curriculum and explore how decisions are made, how change happens and how to get the best performance from the people who look to you for leadership.

Why Leadership and Management?

Because you want to:

  • develop the self-belief you can be a leader
  • develop leadership skills & competencies – crucial to being successful
  • learn how to lead change – bring a fresh approach to complex issues
  • gain new networks – learn with other ambitious leadership students

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Course Curriculum. Weeks 07 - 12

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Certificate in Leadership and Management