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One Day Programme. Suitable for up to 12 staff members


Learn to manage complaint handling and service recovery with confidence


Customer facing staff at all levels, including supervisors and managers.

Handling complaints for luxury professionals (3)

Service recovery

Complaint handling is an essential and useful skill. Whether it is your client who is complaining, your supplier or even your colleague, you have a great opportunity to see yourself from another’s point of view.

This feedback can prove to be invaluable and the handling of such criticism can do wonders for the image and productivity of your business.

Handling complaints properly

It is often said that the way you handle a complaint is far more important than the solution you provide. Indeed, research shows that skilled handling can lead to long term customer loyalty.

There is also an increased likelihood for your client to spread the word and let others know about your great service.

Handling complaints well requires practice and an exposure to a wide variety of situations. This course is fundamentally designed around examples and scenarios to accelerate this exposure and help participants to quickly go through a series of common scenarios.

Critical examples

Critical examples are provided on how a particular situation can be addressed poorly and what better alternatives exist in handling such situations.

By observing bad attitudes and conversations, participants can quickly learn what doesn’t work and why.

This helps them to remember the skills longer and apply them more successfully in real world situations. Participants will take part in roleplays to master the skills for handling confrontational, aggressive or difficult people.

Course Outline

Why People Complain

Listening Skills

Handling Complaints

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