The Hotel Finishing School.
Old World Polish with a Modern Shine

Upselling in Food and Beverage

Returning to a Golden Age of Hospitality

So much thought and effort goes into ensuring that your hotel creates the correct balance of atmosphere and comfort. The furniture is elegantly arranged, the menu perfectly balanced, the staff uniforms thoughtfully chosen, everything looks perfect.

As your guest glides through the door, everything about your hotel creates a sense of calm and excited anticipation. Todays discerning guest wants the ladies and gentlemen who work in your hotel to understand their lifestyle and their needs. You have mastered the surroundings, you have wrapped your guests in a cocoon that is welcoming, elegant and chic. Then the whole illusion is shattered by a front of house employee who says “Hi! Are you ok?”.

The Hotel Finishing School brings the manners, values and standards of the golden age of hospitality and brings them into the 21st century for the modern front of house teams of today.

For Luxury Hotels

The Hotel Finishing School was born out of the need to create a training course that brought front of house staff in four and five star hotels back to the basics of guest interaction.

For many of the younger staff entering the hotel industry today, social interaction such as making polite conversation, using professional language and creating a confident impression is no longer second nature as it used to be in the past.

On-site at your Hotel

In today’s environment of social media, text speak, casual and laid back interaction, the world of the professional and polished four and five-star hotel can be an alien environment.

The Hotel Finishing School takes place on-site at your hotel, the course is fast becoming an incredibly popular addition to many hotels on-going training schedules.

Interactive & Experiential

The Hotel Finishing School is an experiential and fun half-day course and uses an interactive, group led style of teaching.

There are lots of group exercises to keep the staff engaged and activities to help the attendees get more comfortable with one another and participating to the fullest.

Modules Covered

Arrival Experience & First Impressions

Meeting your guests for the first time is probably the most important aspect of any guest journey. The arrival experience will tell the guest how sharp your service is.

 It determines how well you’re going to be able to anticipate their needs and whether you are able to see them as individuals with individual needs and requests, rather than just “guests” like everybody else.

Creating Perfect Guest Experiences

The luxury guest wants the ladies and gentlemen who work in your establishment to understand their lifestyle and act with charm and elegance.

As a luxury hospitality provider, you have already mastered the surroundings, you have wrapped your guests in a cocoon that is welcoming, elegant and chic. Then a member of staff says the wrong thing.

Personal Presentation & Image

Looking the part is vital.  We cover grooming standards for both ladies and gentlemen. Hair, shoes, make-up and personal hygiene are all discussed to ensure that your team look sharp, polished and well put together.

Hospitality serving standards

Serving with elegance is an art form.  Attention to detail is vital to delivering a luxury service experience, but good service standards are also more productive and make everyone’s life easier.

Body Language & Non-Verbal Communication

We use body language every day in thousands of gestures, without even realising it. We can tell when someone isn’t happy without them telling us, we know when someone wants to be left alone without being told.

Understanding body language leads to confidence, and when you appear confident, your guests have confidence in your abilities and feel secure.

Communicating Effectively

It is a fact that people from all walks of life have certain fears and confidence issues when it comes to voice and communication. Good quality communication can change people’s opinion of you, for better or worse.

Barriers include mumbling, speaking too softly or too loudly, speaking too quickly or too slowly or being terrified of public speaking or speaking to strangers.

Making Polite Conversation

Do some of your team get tongue tied when making conversation with their guests? This module teaches them the Five Secrets to confident conversations. You can turn the shyest staff member into the most confident conversationalist, just by knowing what to say and when to say it.

Language of Luxury

Luxury has its own language and it is not one that generally comes naturally to most people. To ensure that your company message is delivered correctly, using your brand voice, each and every time, it is important that all your staff speak the same language.

Complaint Handling & Upset Guests

Even with the best intentions and the strongest will, sometimes things go wrong. How we handle it and how we deal with it is the difference between good staff member and a luxury ambassador. Rarely does a guest remain upset because of a complaint, usually it’s because of the service recovery.

Dealing with International Clients

Learning how to differentiate between different guest nationalities is as important part of luxury service at the very top tier of the luxury hospitality market.  The very best luxury companies gain their reputation because guests make a personal connection