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The Psychology of Influence

The word influencer has become synonymous with social media personalities, it seems like almost everyone is an influencer nowadays. But the science and psychology of influence is very different to posting selfies and videos online.

Understanding how to use influence in luxury sales requires an ability to understand behaviour, thought patterns and the use of language if you are going to be able to intentionally influence your buyers’ thinking and actions.

Using influence in luxury sales means leading and being in control of the process and expertly guiding your client along the buying path, ultimately arriving at a decision that is both in their favour and in yours.

Using influence correctly a subtle process, the client should not even notice until the end of the journey when they realise just how much you’ve contributed to an engaging, informative, insightful buying experience.

All luxury sales professionals should be influencers, don’t you agree?

Influence in Luxury Sales

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