Leadership Recovery

Restoring Confidence and Effectiveness in Senior Leaders

Teams of 6+


10 Weeks
6 x Half day sessions (1 per week)
4 x Mentoring sessions (1 per week)


Restoring effective leadership with comprehensive training, focused mentoring, and practical application


Senior Leaders, Executive Committee, Director Level, C-Suite and Board Level Leaders


£4,000 + VAT Per Person

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Restoring Confidence in Senior Leaders

Welcome to the Leadership Recovery Programme: Restoring Confidence and Effectiveness. This comprehensive program has been thoughtfully crafted with the objective of confronting and surmounting the challenges in senior leadership that many organisations encounter, particularly during periods of turbulence or transition.

In this evolving business landscape, senior leadership is the beacon that guides an organisation’s direction. If this beacon falters, the entire organisation can find itself adrift. Inconsistent decision-making, lack of accountability, or failure to inspire trust can result in demotivation, inefficiency, and a lack of direction.

The Leadership Recovery Programme is designed as a catalyst for change. It embarks on a mission to help senior leaders redefine and re-establish their leadership style, restore confidence in their abilities, and revamp their decision-making, communication, and team-building skills.

Restoring Team Trust

Starting with a deep dive into the foundational elements of successful leadership, we will explore how participants can make informed, consistent decisions that their teams can rely on. They will learn about building and restoring trust within their teams, handling change efficiently, and communicating effectively and transparently.

Recognising that strong leadership isn’t merely a matter of strategy and decision-making, the programme also emphasizes emotional intelligence and resilience. Participants will learn to manage their emotions and those of their team to improve empathy and interpersonal relationships and build resilience to not just weather the storm, but to navigate through it successfully

Inspiring Motivation

Lastly, as a senior leader, participants are tasked with managing their team’s performance and keeping them motivated. To this end, participants will focus on techniques for delivering effective feedback and managing performance, as well as strategies to inspire and motivate their teams.

The programme employs a blend of theoretical learning and practical application. Role-plays, group discussions, and regular feedback are interwoven throughout the programme to ensure that the lessons learnt are effectively translated into day-to-day leadership practice.

The Leadership Recovery Programme aims to help senior leaders rise from the challenges they face, regain their footing, and lead with renewed confidence and effectiveness as a senior leader.

Individual mentoring sessions

As part of a comprehensive approach to leadership transformation, the programme includes four individual mentoring sessions for each participant. These sessions are designed to provide personalised guidance and feedback, tailored to each leader’s unique challenges, strengths, and development needs.

Each mentoring session will be a private, one-to-one meeting with an experienced behavioural psychologist. This setting provides a safe, confidential environment in which participants can openly discuss their leadership experiences, challenges, and aspirations.

The mentoring sessions will follow a flexible, participant-led format. They can choose to delve deeper into concepts learned in the programme, seek advice on specific workplace scenarios, explore strategies for personal development, or discuss any other topic related to their leadership journey.

Enhancing each leaders’ strengths

These sessions are not just about addressing weaknesses; they’re equally focused on identifying and enhancing each leaders’ strengths. The aim is to foster their growth as a leader, increase their confidence, and equip them with practical strategies that you can apply in your leadership role.

Mentoring sessions provide a mechanism for ongoing support and accountability, reinforcing the lessons learned in the programme and facilitating their application in the real-world context.

With this personalized mentoring approach, the Leadership Recovery Programme is positioned to offer a holistic, transformative learning experience that will bring about a significant improvement in participant leadership capabilities.

Course Outline

Week One

The Foundations of Effective Leadership:
Providing a comprehensive review of the key attributes of effective leadership. Setting the stage for the rest of the programme, giving participants an understanding of what successful leadership looks like.

Effective Decision-Making:
Focussing on various decision-making models, methods to evaluate risks and benefits, and tools to increase the quality and consistency of decisions.

Week Two

Building Trust and Accountability:
Emphasising the importance of reliability and accountability in senior leadership roles. Showing leaders how to build trust with their teams, and the importance of standing by the decisions they make.

Change Management:
Leaders must often guide their teams through change. This session provides strategies and techniques for effectively managing change, handling resistance, and leading a team to success during times of change.

Week Three

Communication Excellence:
This session addresses the importance of clear, consistent, and transparent communication. It offers techniques to enhance verbal and non-verbal communication, and tips for effectively listening and responding to feedback.

Conflict Resolution and Negotiation:
Conflicts can occur in any workplace. This session looks at techniques for effectively resolving conflicts, mediating disputes, and negotiating win-win outcomes.

Week Four

Leadership and Emotional Intelligence:
Emotional intelligence is a critical leadership skill. This session offers insight into understanding and managing personal emotions and the emotions of others, improving empathy and interpersonal relationships.

Building Resilience:
This session focussed on building personal resilience and managing stress, crucial for maintaining effectiveness during challenging times.

Week Five

Feedback and Performance Management:
Leaders need to provide constructive feedback and manage performance. This session looks at the best methods for delivering feedback effectively, setting performance expectations, and managing poor performance.

Week Six

Inspiring and Motivating Teams:
This sessions explores strategies to motivate teams, boost morale, and encourage high performance.

Weeks Seven to Ten

Personalised Mentoring Sessions
Four personalised guidance sessions offering tailored leadership strategies, problem-solving and decision making, while providing a structure for ongoing accountability, ensuring the consistent application of the learned skills within the workplace.

One session per week lasting between 60-90 minutes. Delivered in-person or via Zoom.

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