Luxury Consultancy

Helping entrepreneurs, SME’s and established brands position themselves correctly within the high net worth and luxury sector.  We also work with businesses ready to reposition or transition their product or service from the mid-market to the luxury market.

Companies we have worked with include jewellers, automotive production, insurance, property developers, hotels, private medical practices, cosmetic surgeons and senior living residential homes. 

90 Minute Consultation

A 90 minute consultation either by phone or by video call to explore your market positioning and determine your ideal client and how to reach them with your messaging. 


Strategy Consultation

A full day, in-person, strategy session to define your current market position and your strategy for repositioning into the luxury market and defining the steps for doing so.


Retained Consultant

Ongoing long-term consultancy to help guide your brand repositioning project. Perfect for companies new to the luxury market as retained clients have support and expertise on an ongoing basis.


Luxury Consultancy,

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