Teams of 6 and above
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Half-day programme.


Consumer Behaviour


None. Suitable for all levels

Building Rapport in Luxury Sales

Communicate, Relate, Connect

Developing and building rapport and trust is a vital element of luxury sales, in fact, it important for every form of client interactions.

Good rapport means being able to read a situation and adapt the approach accordingly.

Rapport is usually be defined by three words ‘Communicate, Relate, and Connect’. Rapport is about being in tune and truly connecting with a client, it can develop quickly during client conversations and interactions, especially when both sales professional and client can establish common ground.

The importance of rapport in luxury sales should not be dismissed. It is the foundation of our communication and impacts the ability to gain trust and build long term relationships with existing and clients.

Course Modules

  • Understanding rapport
  • The importance of trust
  • The likeability factor 
  • The psychology of empathy
  • Building long-term relationships
  • Using the correct language
  • Non-verbal markers
  • The art of small talk
  • The role of culture in rapport