Teams of 6 and above
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Half-day programme.


Consumer Behaviour


None. Suitable for all levels

The Psychology of Influence methods

Influencing luxury consumer behaviour

Influence and persuasion is a behavioural science, and you can use it to your advantage in understanding and influencing luxury consumer behaviour.

But how do you get someone to buy a luxury product or luxury service?


Psychology answers the questions that have preoccupied luxury sales professionals for decades, particularly on how to influence luxury consumers and how they respond to attempts to influence their buying behaviours.

Course Modules

  • Introduction to Persuasion Science
  • How Persuasion Research Works
  • General Model of Persuasion
  • Attitudes and Attitude Change
  • History of Persuasion Science
  • Two Types of Variables
  • Attitude Strength
  • Key Determinants
  • Motivation” and “Ability
  • Personality and Cognition
  • Credibility, Likability & Confidence
  • Drawing Conclusions
  • Exposure & Conditioning
  • Knowing Your Audience
  • Emotion vs. Reason
  • Personality, Social Status & Culture
  • Desirability and Likability
  • Getting People to Pay Attention
  • Enhancing or Diminishing Ability
  • Speak Their Language
    Strategic Source Usage