Teams of 6 and above
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Half-day programme.


Consumer Behaviour


None. Suitable for all levels

The Psychology of selling luxury

Luxury and emotion

Most people like to think of themselves as logical decision makers and to an extent they are, but many decisions are also driven by emotions, this is especially true when luxury products are involved. When it comes to selling luxury, it is important to understand how logic and emotion intertwine to influence luxury consumer buying behaviour.

Sales psychology looks at the psychological behaviour of your client and your market segment to better understand how to influence and trigger buying behaviour. Rather than focusing on convincing the luxury consumer they need your product or service, you focus in on their emotional desires when it relates to why they buy luxury.

When you understand how your clients relationship with luxury and the driving forces behind their decision-making, you can then provide them with the perfect client buying experience.

Course Modules

  • Selling as an expert
  • Using the Authority Principle
  • Building rapport with clients
  • The importance of language
  • Luxury experts never sell
  • Determining client desires
  • Creating trust in the relationship
  • Using non-verbal markers
  • Using social proof correctly